Quick Tip! MAC Paintpots

By Sarah - Friday, February 28, 2014

Hey guys! I have recently found out this AMAZING makeup hack which just literally blew my mind. Ok, a lil story here. When I first started with makeup, I did not know how to remove my makeup properly so I pulled on my eyes a lot and *bam!* undereye wrinkles. Thus, all the concealers I use do crease under my eyes - and I have tried A LOT. I have also tried applying eyeshadow primers under my eyes before applying concealer but still no go.  After experimenting with various concealers for about 2 years, the MAC Pro Longwear concealer is by far, my holy grail (you can check that out here). It still creases on me, but not as much as others. 

And here is the mind blowing, amazing and jaw dropping makeup epiphany that I have had recently - and that is.... to use the mac paintpots to prime my undereye areas before applying concealer. It did not occur to me at first to use these this way, considering the paintpots are eyeshadow bases meant for prolonging your eyeshadow wear. I can't remember how I decided to try this one day, but every since I found this out, I do it everyday without fail. It prolongs my concealer wear and it doesn't crease till maybe 3 hours later (And this is MAJOR for me!). 

I have a few MAC paintpots but for this makeup hack, I would go for neutral matte colours such as the two below - Painterly and Nubile.

My MAC Paintpots in Painterly (left) and Nubile (right)
Alright, hope this little tip will be helpful for you guys and may it change your lives as much as it changed mine ;).

Have a great makeup day loves XO.

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