Review! Collection's Work The Colour Eyeshadow Pencil

By Sarah - Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Hello again! I'm on a blogging mood today aren't I? I will be talking about my new find - the Collection Work The Colour Eyeshadow Pencil. Bought this when I was scavenging Superdrug in London and when I saw this, I felt that I just had to grab it!  I do love my NYX's Jumbo Eyepencils but I do find them to crease on me within 6 hours even with primer on. Thus, I started my search for new eyeshadow pencils to work as bases before my eyeshadows or just a quick alternative to my everyday makeup looks!

Really pigmented!

This pencil is so pigmented! I love it. Two runs of the pencil over my lids and BAM BABY I am ready to go! It is super pretty as it is so shimmery and buttery. Oh I love it. Blending it out is really easy too. However, this sets pretty quickly so make sure you blend it out quickly. But after it sets, it DOES NOT BUDGE. This swatch on my hand lasted for the whole day (and yes, of course I washed my hands and bathed - no worries there!). At the end of the day, it still looks gorgeous.

I really do recommend this! It retails for about 4 pounds in Superdrug and Boots Pharmacies in London. I'm not really sure exactly where else can you find it though (sorry bout that!).

The colour selection is limited - about 5 shades when I visited (but I think more colours are slowly coming out!) - as compared to the myriad of shades NYX has. Despite the limited selection, do go check them out!

You can also check them out here.

Have a great makeup day! Xo.

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