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By Sarah - Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Hey guys!

Just got my greedy hands on the Stila's Daydream Palette a few days and thought it was time for a review!This palette was released during Stila's holiday collection in 2011 so yes, I was reaaaaallly slow in getting this. I purchased this via a local shopping app called Carousell; I'm not too sure where else can you purchase this now though. 

Now onto the review! 

Firstly, one reason why I could not say no to purchasing this was the design of this gorgeous palette. It is circular, with a pretty geometrical colour wheel design (looks like a dream catcher!). It is about the size of your palm so it's super light and easy to bring around for travelling if needed. 

More pictures of the palette - I love it! 

This palette comes with 22 shades (Yes! Despite its small size) - and yes, Kitten is one of them! It has 5 matte shades and 17 shimmery ones. In terms of colour selection, it leans towards the neutral sides due the prevalence of champagnes, goldens and browns. There are also some blues and greens for that pop of colour! Most colours lean to the cooler side and there are no super dark and intense colours here. However, due to the design of the palette, there is no even distribution of the various eyeshadows - thus, you get more of some colour and less of some. There is a matte brown included (but in one of those tiny pots surrounding the middle) which can be used as a transition shade or for contouring your crease. Wish I had more of that product though! And my MAC 217 barely fit into the pot to pick up the colour. Sooo, pretty packaging but not essentially user-friendly, if you get what I mean. 

Moving onto the shades: 

From the center and moving outward in a clockwise direction :

Kitten, Aspire, Lotus, Hope, Admire, Illusion, Spark, Day, Wish, Desire, Fancy, Stellar, Celestial, Whim, Bloom, Tranquil, Yearn, Crave, Ambition, Paradise, Night, Trance.

Gorgeous packaging! 

List of shades can be seen at the bottom right

The shades are really pretty, BUT I definitely see some dupes in this. Some eyeshadows such as kitten also appear in other Stila palettes so nothing special there either. Nothing stands out to me off the bat, but I bought this palette because it looked so pretty and will contribute to the aesthetics of my makeup collection (guilty! I'm a makeup hoarder).

The eyeshadows are pigmented but they are extremely powdery and soft. The moment I TAPPED my brush in, the shadow immediately had a dent and excess shadows were everywhere in the pan. This disappointed me as Stila is known for their high quality makeup. I own other Stila Palettes such as In the Moment and In the Garden and I have to say, the shadows in this palette is way more powdery. Now, despite this, the shadows are pigmented and little bit goes a long way here. Just be real careful about fall out during application! 

Overall, I'm still on the fence about this palette. It is pretty to look at, but not user-friendly. Eyeshadows are of good quality, but it is not the same as other Stila shadows that I own. The uneven distribution of the various eyeshadow shades also kind irritates the OCD side of me but hey, can't expect everything!

That's all for me now. Have a great makeup day loves!

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