Makeup essentials! Eyebrows.

By Sarah - Sunday, March 09, 2014

"You must never underestimate the power of the eyebrow." - Jack Black.

Yes. Eyebrows.

My ultimate makeup pet peeve is the lack of eyebrows. Mind you, I'm not talking about the sad fact that almost everyone have sparse gaps and the lack of eyebrow hairs (blaming it on genetics and all), but the whole idea of not drawing in eyebrows when you have to.

Let's face it. Most of us are sadly not blessed with full eyebrows. Especially me. And this situation was made worse when the lady doing my eyebrows excessively plucked out the sad remaining few brow hairs that I have. One of the biggest makeup mistakes I have ever done was walking around without drawing in my eyebrows. Imagine, thick liner with no mascara and NO BROWS. Yes. Life was tough.

After discovering the whole world of eyebrow shaping and drawing etc, I can never go back. It makes such a HUGE difference to your overall look! It frames your face as well as bring out your eyes and any makeup that you have on. It is crazy what difference it makes, no kidding! How you draw on those brows, what products you use and what shape you decide to go for makes your whole look entirely different! The thicker your brows are, the younger you will look. This also applies when you have straighter brows (when you tone down that arch!). Powders, gels and pencils (and how you use them) also changes the whole look. Brows are a statement. They are essential and necessary. I'm not trying to be a beauty nazi here but seriously, drawing in your brows WILL change your life. I'm not even exaggerating here.

Here are some of my favourite brow products at the moment :

From left to right: HEMA Eyebrow Pencil 09, Catrice Eyebrow Stylist in Brown Eyed Peas, Elf Eyebrow Kit in Medium

For those beginners, I highly recommend using something like the ELF Eyebrow Kit. It comes with a gel which you can use to shape and hold those brow hairs in place as well as darken up some sparse spots. It also comes with a powder which you use to set the gel so that your brows will not budge for the whole day! Pretty easy to use and it won't give you the harsh bold brow even if you go cray cray and use too much. Trust me on that.

ELF eyebrow kit. Comes in a few shades. I alternate between using the one in Medium and the one in Dark.
Don't mind the fingerprints and all - this kit has seen some love.  

For those who are more confident and want to emphasise the shape of their eyebrows, I recommend using a pencil as it gives precise lines and helps to define your brow into whatever shape you would like (once again, mind you, I'm not talking about a triangle here). After drawing in the shape and the missing brow hairs which you lack in some areas, take a spooly brush to brush out the hairs - this diminishes the strong and harsh lines to give you a more "natural" look.

Top: HEMA Eyebrow Pencil in 09
Bottom: Catrice Eye Brow Stylist in Brown Eyed Peas

Lastly, you can easily just fill in the gaps of your brows using a matte eyeshadow! I tend to use my Sigma E65 Angled Brush with the Lorac Pro Palette's Expresso as it matches my hair perfectly. Now, I know some people say to go two shades lighter when you have dark hair and to go two shades darker if you have light hair. These rules, in my opinion, are useless. You have to experiment and try out different colours to see which will suit your face and overall look the most. These rules do not apply to everybody so do not blindly follow them! Always think - what is the best for YOU.

On the last note, I am writing this post as I have noticed that many Singaporeans do not fill in their brows. Then again, many Singaporeans do not wear much makeup. But my point here is that, no matter how much makeup you put on your face or none at all, brows are key to finishing off your look. Think about it - you spend time and effort dressing up to look good, but then you miss out your brows. GURL. PLEASE. It is not expensive to fill them in and it does not take a long time either. Please try it out! See the difference for yourself.

Found this online and hope this will help:

To those whom I have offended and you still want to "rock" the no brows kinda look, all I have to say is : Well. 

Have a great makeup(with eyebrows pls) day peeps! XO.

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