Mascara Combos! Maybelline The Rocket Mascara and Covergirl Clump Crusher

By Sarah - Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Hey loves!

I have another mascara combo for you guys! I discovered this recently as I totally forgot about my Covergirl Clump Crusher as it was just laying in my mascara drawer, all neglected. So I decided to bust it out and use it, eventhough I already had on a coat of The Rocket mascara on my lashes. Man, new found love right there. Due to the Clump Crusher's synthetic rubber wand that is shaped like a comb, my lashes were separated and defined! This is in addition to the volume and length that the Maybelline Rocket gives me! It looked like I was wearing false lashes and you know me, I love that look!;)

1. Add a coat of the Maybelline Rocket Mascara to your lashes
2. Add a coat of the Covergirl Clump Crusher
3. Add another coat of the Maybelline Rocket Mascara to seal it all in place! (optional)

This combination gives me length, volume and defined lashes with the curl held in place the whole day. This is because the Rocket is waterproof so the curl lasts all day and the Clump Crusher separates and adds some length.

Try this out and let me know it worked for you in the comments!

Hope this helped and have a great makeup day loves! XO.

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