Review and Swatches! Makeup Academy (MUA)'s Blushers

By Sarah - Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Hey loves! I decided to show you guys my small collection of Make Up Academy (MUA)'s blushers and give you some thoughts about it! I bought these when I was in London and they can be found at Superdrug for 1 pound for the powder blushes and 2 pounds for the cream blushes. Super affordable! However, these are super popular and are always out of stock in the various Superdrug outlets. I went around London seeking for various Superdrug outlets (like they were an attraction - and to me, they were!) and managed to collect these little babies over time.

Don't mind the worn out packaging!

Let's take a look at the powder blushes first, shall we?
According to the MUA website, there are 6 shades available for purchase. Sadly, I could only find 5! Close enough ;).

Top to Bottom : Lolly, Marshmallow, Cupcake, Bon Bon, Candyfloss.

Swatches from top to bottom : Lolly, Marshmallow, Cupcake, Bon Bon, Candyfloss.

These powder blushes are pigmented and lasted for about 5 hours of wear on me! I was definitely impressed, especially with the price I have paid for these. The formula of these blushes are quite powdery but not over-the-top. Packaging wise, I feel that it could be improved. It takes me awhile to open these bad boys as I have to get my nail under the cover and pull it up. I do like that the cover is transparent though, as I can immediately see what colour I am grabbing and this saves me tons of time. Overall, these blushes are definitely worth the money! Do go grab some whenever you can find them - and they are hard to find as they are constantly out of stock! :(

Now, the Blush Perfection Cream Blushers! These retail for 2 pounds in Superdrug and they are slightly easier to find. Slighty. They have 4 shades available online, and once again, I was this close to getting all four! These blushes are pigmented and it is creamy. Blending was fairly easy and I was not tugging on my skin. These blushes lasted about 4 hours on me - which is considered excellent as I have oily skin and my makeup constantly melts off in Singapore's hot weather! Same packaging as the powder blushes except these are slightly thicker in width.

Left to Right: Lush, Bittersweet, Dolly.

Swatches left to right : Lush, Bittersweet, Dolly. 

One day I had to run errands and rush from one place to another in the hot sun. So, I decided that the lasting power of my blush was super important! I layered on a powder blush (Lolly) over my cream blush (Bittersweet) and this lasted for the whole day guys - about 10 hours! The colour faded only slighty, but you can definitely see some blush action goin' on (but still looking natural, of course). Absolutely adoring these. 

These MUA blushes are of good quality and are an excellent addition to any makeup collection. It is amazingly affordable and suitable for beginners who are just starting to explore the fascinating world of makeup or for those makeup lovers who want to expand their collection and have more colour options. 

Good luck with your search on these blushes! It took me 3 trips to London to get all these! For those living in the UK, lucky you! These can also be bought online (and I think that they have more stock online too). 

Have a great makeup day loves. XO!

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