Review and Swatches! Natural Collection Blushes

By Sarah - Thursday, March 13, 2014

Today, I will be reviewing the Natural Collection Blushes which can be purchased from any Boots Pharmacies in the UK or online. These blushes are amazing for the price and more people should find out about it! I got these for less than 2 pounds each - the poor diva inside of me was rejoicing! - and there were about 5 shades available (which I regret not getting all since I got four - my self control works in funny ways).

Minimalist packaging. and nothing fancy. Don't be fooled though! These babies are amazing. 

I have four out of the 5 shades : Peach Melba, Sugar Plum, Rosey Glow, Sweet Cheeks. 

Left to Right: Peach Melba, Sweet Cheeks, Rosey Glow, Sugar Plum

These blushes are really excellent quality for the price! No kidding. Lasting power surprised me pleasantly, about 8 hours of wear and I am in Singapore where the hot sun constantly melts off my makeup! These blushes are rather pigmented, but no so till you look like a clown with too heavy an application (such as Sleek blushes). It gives you this natural and flushed look without much effort. Formula wise, it is smooth but very slightly chalky. I was amazed when I dipped by brush in and there was minimal powder fall out (I expected a mushroom cloud for some reason and yes, I even braced myself). The texture of these blushes are seriously phenomenal and I really do love it!

I have heard of some people comparing the Natural Collection's Peach Melba to MAC's Melba. Well, sadly for those looking for a dupe, this ain't happening. I compared it to my MAC blush in Melba and here is what I have discovered. Just by looking at the blush in the pan, it does look pretty similar. However, after swatching it, the colour difference was pretty stark. MAC's Melba was more of a warm-toned peach coral while the Natural Collection's Peach Melba was more of a cool-toned pinkish coral. Despite it not being a dupe, Peach Melba is an amazing colour for those wanting to look naturally flushed!

Left : Natural Collection Peach Melba
Right : MAC Melba (from my MAC Illustrated Face Kit by Rebecca Moses)

Top: MAC Melba
Bottom: Natural Collection Peach Melba
These blushes retail at less than 2 pounds in Boots Pharmacies or online. Please do yourselves a favour and try it, I promise that you will not regret this!

Have a great makeup day! XO.

Disclaimer : Not a sponsored review. Purchased this with my own money.

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