Battle of the purple palettes! Stila, Sleek, Wet N Wild & Coastal Scents.

By Sarah - Friday, April 25, 2014

I love purple. Purple is my favourite colour and I love piling it on my eyes. Especially as my eyes are brown, purple shadows do bring out the colour my eyes so it's a win-win, really.

I was watching Frozen yesterday and was feeling inspired. Purple is my thang. So, I was looking through my eyeshadow collection and trying to figure out which palette to use. I found four.

1. Stila's In the Moment Eyeshadow Palette
2. Wet N Wild Petal Pusher 8 Pan Palette (WNW)
3. Coastal Scents GO! Palette Beijing (CS)
4. Sleek's Vintage Romance Palette

Which palette do I feel is the best? Let's see, shall we? Factors for consideration are:
- Packaging
- Variation of colours
- Formula & Pigmentation
- Price point 

Let the battle begin.


The WNW petal pusher is a really slim and compact plastic palette with a transparent lid (which I am loving as I can immediately see the colours of the eyeshadows). Very lightweight and fuss-free which makes it great for travelling. The only downside is that there is no mirror though.

The Stila Palette comes in a gorgeous lilac cardboard box. The cardboad do feels sturdy but I would not recommend it for travelling as it might get slight dents. No mirror as well. I do find that cardboard packaging is slightly higher maintenance due its fragility as well as its tendency to get dirty easier. This is a stay-at-home palette for me. 

The CS palette comes in a compact and squarish black packaging which is super light and easy to carry around. I love how compact this is. Best part? It comes with a good sized mirror! Excellent for travelling. 

The Sleek palette comes in a sleek (no pun intended) and classy black packaging. Feels sturdy and light so once again, great for travelling. Comes with a full-sized mirror which is excellent. I love how I can see my entire face in this. Very convenient. 

Winner: The Sleek Palette

Variation of colours
The WNW palette comes with 8 eyeshadows, all within the purple family. This is the epitome of a purple shadow palette ;). In this palette, there are both cool-toned and warm-toned purples which makes it versatile. The colours can enable you to create neutral to dramatic looks as the shades ranges very well throughout the spectrum of lights and darks.  All shimmer shades though - if you are looking for a matte transition shade or brow bone highlight, you have to grab another palette!

The Stila Palette comes with 10 eyeshadows - not all purples either. This can be a pro or a con for some people depending on what you are looking for. This palette comes with 5 shadows from the purple family and 5 neutral golds and bronzes. This provides great versatility when it comes to creating looks as you have more options of colours and colour family to choose from. Golds and purples make an excellent eyeshadow combination! You can also create a simple neutral look with the gold and bronzes too, if you would like to do so. No matte colours in this palette as well. However, despite having slight shimmer in the shade desire (bottom left), the colour appears matte when swatched and on the lids (love this for brow bone highlight). 

The CS palette has 12 eyeshadows (yes, squeezed into this compact packaging! So you have more options but less product for each shadow). The colours do vary from cool toned to warm, which again provides great versatility. No mattes, once again. Colours range from coral pinks, lilacs, purples,orangey-reds to a white gold and a shimmery dark grey. Many colour choices and really, many different eye looks can be achieved.

The Sleek palette has 12 eyeshadows as well. The colours include a cool toned silver, golds, bronzes, some blues and purples (of course). Best part, it also includes a warm toned burnt orangey brown shade which I am loving for the crease. I do not really get the silver but overall, I do love the colour combinations here. Golds and purples compliment each other very well and different shades of  purples are provided - tons of eyelooks can be achieved.

Winner: The Sleek Palette

Formula & Pigmentation
WNW eyeshadows can be a hit and miss sometimes, but this is a sure hit. I love the texture of these shadows - creamy and soft. Not powdery either thus I have not experienced mush fall out with this. Pigmented, easy to apply and colour of the shadow in the pan is same as on lids. 
Formula : 8/10
Pigmentation : 8/10

The Stila palette is not creamy yet not very powdery either. Shadows do have quite a lot of fall out on my upon application and the shadows are not as pigmented as I would like it to be. Colours are really pretty and appear the same on the lids as in the pan. 
Formula : 7/10
Pigmentation: 6.5/10

The CSs' shadows are the least pigmented. Slightly on the powdery side, this does result in some fallout as well. You do need to pack the shadows onto your lids as the shadows are pretty sheer. Colours on lids differs ever so slightly from that in the pan due to its sheerness.
Formula: 7/10
Pigmentation: 6/10

The Sleek palette are very pigmented. Sleek products are known for their high pigmentation and this palette is no different. However, these shadows are mineral-based and I do get quite a lot of fall out from these. The texture of the shadows are rather powdery as well, but not as much as the Stila or the CS palette. Colours are gorgeous and do appear the same on the lids as in the pans as well. 
Formula: 7/10
Pigmentation: 8/10

Winner : The WNW Petal Pusher 

Price point
The WNW palette is terribly hard to find in Singapore as well as to find an online site that ships to Singapore. I got mine from a friend who went to the US (oh, USA is such an amazing place for makeup. Cheap too. :( ). I found this on Amazon which retails for about USD $10.50, you can check it out here. This palette contains 8 pans of 1.06g worth of eyeshadows. So, after my calculation (using a calculator, of course), this adds up to about SGD$1.70 per pan of eyeshadow.

The Stila palette retails for SGD $49.70 on This palette does come with a smudge stick waterproof eye liner in tetra which usually retails for SGD $25.87 by itself. So, technically you are paying $23.80 for 10 eyeshadows, making it $2.38 for one pan. This palette contains 10 pans of 1.4g of eyeshadows each. You can check it out here. 

The CS palette retails for USD $8.95 in the Coastal Scents website. It comes with 12 pans containing 0.67g of product each. After calculating again, this makes it about SGD$0.96 per pan. You can check this palette out here. 

The Sleek palette can be found on and it retails for SGD$22. It comes with 12 pans of eyeshadows weighing 1.1g each. Thus, it is about SGD$1.80 per pan. You can check it out here

Winner: The Sleek Palette

Yes, after considering all these factors, it seems that the Sleek Vintage Romance palette is the winner! This palette do receive tons of lovin' from me and I brought this around with me for travelling when I was in Europe last year. Love this. This palette is limited edition though, so do pick it up before it discontinues! Your heart will cry for this loss, I am tellin' you.  

Hope you enjoyed this read! Have a great makeup day XO. 

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