MAC Cosmetics Makeup Must Haves!

By Sarah - Saturday, April 19, 2014

MAC Cosmetics - we all have heard about and we want to purchase everything from it. MAC is one of the ringleaders in the world of makeup and they have stores in over 70 countries. Super chic and classy packaging and huge range of colours. Quality is amazing and the makeup artists in the stores are the most fabulous people you will ever meet. It is tempting.

I do not own many MAC items - ok maybe slightly above average but not cray cray - as I am sadly not rich enough. Many items are wonderful. Really. Amazing quality and works really well. For example, I have the MAC 217 brush (the highly raved blending brush) and the MAC 187 Stippling Brush which is also raved for a flawless foundation application. Paintpots, concealers, foundations, lipsticks, eyeshadows.... you name it and I have probably tried at least one of it.

However, some of us may not be able to buy everything from the MAC stores. They are slightly on the pricey side of cosmetics and dupes can be found for many items. Not every makeup item must come from MAC in order for you to look fabulous and sometimes, it is not necessary. Don't get me wrong, I am in love with MAC. But, I do feel that some of their makeup products are not entirely necessary to purchase as there are other options which work as well in the market. Remember, I'm all about looking fabulous without the price tag (or at least I try). Then again, there are items from MAC which I will continuously purchase till I say goodbye to this world. Yes, it is that good and I'm not even kidding. I can not find anything better despite me searching high and low for alternatives. What are they? Here's two.

MAC Paintpots (Neutral)
I know some of you will be like.... um no as this is dupeable. Well, my friends let me say : YES. Do note, I am emphasising the neutral coloured paintpots here (e.g. Soft Ochre, Painterly, Nubile etc) - the eyeshadow bases which are close to your skin tone colour with main purposes as a primer and evening out discolouration. Other paintpots such as Rubenesque, Bare Study, Vintage Selection etc are really great as well but they are not extremely necessary for everyone's makeup collection. I do know that there are tons of products such as this in the market. Maybelline Colour Tattoos, NYX Eyeshadow Bases, Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadows etc. I have tried from many brands and they work fine. Great even.

I do feel that the MAC Paintpots are just slightly better, especially the neutral ones. Ok let me try to convince you. These paintpots are of really good quality. They are soft and creamy and blend on my lids like a dream. It does not require you to tug on your lids and to create even product distribution. It is extremely effective in evening out the skin tone of my lids and preventing creasing throughout the day. A little product goes a really long way here as well. Additionally, these bases can be used underneath the eyes as well to prep your undereye area for concealer. I wrote all about it in another post which you can check out here.
Overall, I do prefer MAC Paintpots over any eyeshadow bases and primers (yes, even over my Urban Decay Primer Potion). It just works fantastic for myself and I use it everyday. I can't not use it. It's that good.

MAC Pro Longwear Concealer 
I cannot get enough of this stuff. Really. I have rambled about this concealer so much you guys are probably getting bored. But I am going to do so here again (don't worry, I will keep this short and sweet). This concealer is amazing!! I am a concealer junkie and I just keep going back to this concealer over and over again. No dupes for this despite me trying to find one. It is the best. Really. This concealer consistency is just right, not too thick nor too "liquidy" but you still get some full coverage goodness. It covers my dark circles perfectly and it does not crease. Lasting power is perfection so no touch ups needed for this. Blends really easily as well - no tugging of the skin! A little once again, goes a long way. This small tube will last you for a good 6 months even if you use it everyday! HG status here.

So there it is folks, my two picks. If you are a beginner in makeup and you want to purchase something from MAC (because it is MAC ;)) or just a makeup junkie who does not want to spend too much in the building up of your collection, these picks are for you. I am terribly unsuccessful in trying to replace these two items with anything else from drugstores or even higher end brands such as NARs, YSL, Chanel etc. These MAC bad boys are worth splurging for.

That's all for me now. Gotta rush and do the laundry. And then mop the floor. Urgh chores.

Have a great makeup day y'all! XO.

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