Review | 13rushes Round Cheek Brush and Angled Cheek Brush

By Sarah - Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Hey guys! Today, I want to share with you guys my new brush find! I recently stumbled upon 13rushes - a Singaporean company providing cruelty-free makeup brushes. Considering I am a makeup brush hoarder (or just, a makeup hoarder in general), I could not stop myself from purchasing two brushes.

13rushes Round Cheek Brush and Angled Cheek Brush review

I bought the round cheek brush ($17) and the tapered cheek brush($17) - both meant for finishing touches on the face such as blusher, contouring and highlighting. They are affordable, relative to Real Techniques and Zoeva brushes and cheaper than Sigma brushes (which I have tons of and love). These brushes are also lightweight and look sturdy. Simplistic and classic design, and I love how you choose the colours of the brushes (either dark blue with gold ferrule/dark purple with pink ferrule)! This is good for me, since I have tons of black handle brushes lying around (Sigma and Zoeva - I'm talking to you!) and I need some colour in my life ;). Lastly, these brushes are made with synthetic Taklon bristles, similar to that of Real Techniques, so it is easier to wash and maintain!

Round Cheek Brush ($17)
This brush is soft and it slightly tapered at the top. Comparing with my Real Techniques contouring brush (RTC), the bristles of this brush is ever so slightly less densely packed. The bristles of this brush is also slightly longer and they flare out more. This basically means that your application of bronzer/highlighter or even blusher will be slightly less concentrated and more diffused as compared to using the RTC. Additionally, the bristles of this brush feels softer than the RTC. However, I would not recommend this brush for cream contours though, as the bristles are not dense enough in my opinion.


Ironically, despite this brush being designed to contour and highlight your face, I don't use it for that purpose at all (I do not contour and highlight my face everyday - ain't nobody got time for that). I do use this, however, to set my undereye concealer with powder. This brush works amazing for that. It fits perfectly under the eyes and since it is soft, it does not pull or drag at the undereye area. Due to its synthetic bristles, it also picks up and deposits powder more easily (as compared to natural bristled brushes which tend to trap and absorb powder and pigments more). Thus, lesser powder is needed to set my undereyes and this also prevents against setting with too much powder, resulting in your undereyes looking caked on and creasing.

In comparison with my other tapered brushes!


Angled Cheek Brush ($17)
This brush is so amazingly soft. On the cheeks, it feels like a bunny's butt. Tapered slightly to an angle, this brush fits nicely on my cheeks. I simply dab it into some product, tap off the excess, and lightly brush it up from the cheekbones to the temples for a slight flush. Simple as that.


Despite being synthetic, this brush seems to pick up and deposit a right amount of product onto the face. Does not drag on the skin either. Bristles are of good density and length, giving adequate control over application and blending of blusher. I'm sure that you can use the brush to contour as well, but it will not be a sharp and precise contour! Overall, this brush is definitely a great cheek brush considering the price!

In comparison with my other angled cheek brushes! 

Overall, I am satisfied with my purchase. These brushes are of good quality and are lovely for the pricepoint. Best of all, it is cruelty-free! I am contemplating about getting the Flat Top Sculpting Brush next - it looks to gorgeous. Need to save up first though.

These two brushes cost me SGD $34 in total and it includes free local shipping within Singapore. They also do ship overseas at an additional cost. If you would like to check them out, click here!

Alright y'all, I have to rush off to get loads of errands done. Busy day.
Have a great makeup day! XO.

Disclaimer: Not a sponsored review. Purchased both brushes with my own money.

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