Review! ELF Daily Brush Cleaner

By Sarah - Thursday, April 24, 2014

I have a confession to make. I am not disciplined when it comes to washing my brushes. I probably only deep clean my brushes once every 2-3 weeks. I have many brushes (ain't gonna lie) so I usually just switch to a new one when one gets used and dirty. Yes I know, can my indolence be any worse... but before y'all panic and think I'm filthy, I do spot clean them after 2-3 uses. This is to keep them clean (ish) and "fresh" and this is especially so for my eye brushes! I do many different eye looks using various colours and we all know, we don't want to screw up our eye makeup just because of brushes are dirty and contained the eyeshadow colour used before. 

Spot cleaning is super fast and easy. I used to use my bioderma for this purpose (where I poured some onto a towel and I swish my brushes around on the towel). It works but I always feel like it is a waste as bioderma ain't cheap and I would rather use that on my face. Then I found this. This is a new love of mine and I have been using this almost every day. It's the..... ELF Daily Brush Cleaner.  

This bad boy is only USD$3 (crazy affordable!) and it works very well. It comes in a 60 ml spray plastic bottle which is really handy and convenient to travel with! It has a fresh scent to it which I am lovin' - it's hard to describe the smell exactly. Like cucumbers and sea breeze. Ok I tried. Hope you get my drift. All I have to do is spray this onto the towel or the bristles (but be careful not to spray it directly onto the brush as it might get into the ferrule!). Then I swish and swoosh my brush around in circular motions and I'm good to go. It's that easy.

Now, this brush cleaner is not very strong so do not expect all traces of makeup which are present on the bristles to be removed. This works fantastic with my eye brushes but not so well with my face ones. I tried this on my Sigma F86 and Real Techniques Buffing Brush and let's say after 5 sprays, I gave up. This brush cleaner is not a heavy duty cleanser for your brushes. However, it is fantastic for spot cleaning eye brushes so that you can use it for another look and not get your eyeshadows muddy. I do recommend it and it is super affordable! Note: This does not replace deep cleansing your brushes with soap under the tap! ;)

Overall: 4/5

Hope this helped some of you out there!
My muffins are baking in the oven right now and man, do they smell good. ;) Gonna go check them out now. Have a great makeup day! XO.

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