Review! Too Faced Pretty Rebel Palette

By Sarah - Saturday, April 19, 2014

Recently, my heart suffered a huge traumatic loss when I entered Sephora and realised that the Urban Decay Vice 2 Palette was discontinued. I was saving up for it. Imagine my sadness. 

Another palette that caught my eye was the Too Faced Pretty Rebel Palette (especially that shade girly. That shade. My heart is entirely yours.). It was retailing for SGD $72 if I am not wrong. I was pretty reluctant at first and trying to control my spendings but a few days ago, I entered Sephora (it's my second home, really) and NO. Pretty Rebel was discontinued as well. Why makeup gods? Why are you against me.

I was determined now. I am going to find it online. And I did. I found it on and boy, was I glad. It was retailing for only USD$39.90 as well! What a steal. Shipping cost a bomb though, about USD $28 as it was by weight. I did (of course) purchase other items as well, so it ain't that bad. Shipping only took a week! A week! I was elated. Ok, moving onto the review. 

Sorry about the lighting! Clouds were glooming!(Yes, I made that word up)

Firstly, the packaging is so stunning. Look at it. Gorgeous. It is made from cardboard but feels sturdy so I have no issues with that. 

Upon opening it, you have access to a good-sized mirror which makes it excellent for travelling! And of course, the colours. These eyeshadows are stunning. It comes with 10 shades, ranging from neutrals to bolds (that pink!). A basic neutral look can easily be achieved with the first four shades (image below) . I wore this look for my recent interview for a part time makeup artist and I have to say, I am loving this. Classy yet super simple.

Gorgeous neutral colours - great for those loving minimal/neutral looks!
Of course, you can always jazz it up with the bolder colours available in the palette. These eyeshadows are super pigmented and creamy. Formulation is top-notch and I am very impressed. I would say that the texture of these shadows are very similar to that of the lorac pro but less "crumbly". Minimal fall out with these shadows and application is easy and totally fuss-free. In fact, it is so pigmented, you do not need to pack it on more than once or use a spray to enhance the colours. I recently used jailbird and was totally stunned when I tapped it onto my lids. It was intense (aluminium foil intense). And I did not use a heavy application. Impressive. The colours lasted (with the same intensity) on my lids for a good 8 hours (I did prime with my MAC paint pot beforehand but still). 

Here are close ups of the shadows: 

Overall, this palette is a great buy and I do not regret my decision at all. Love the packaging, the colours and the formulation. Do give it a try if you are still contemplating about it! Sadly, as this is limited edition, you should grab it before it discontinues (someone told me that one Sephora store still had about 4 left but I can't remember where!). I bought mine from : here! 

Last look at this gorgeousness. 
I foresee myself using this baby a lot in the future. It's too good.

Have a great makeup day! XO.

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