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By Sarah - Monday, April 14, 2014

Makeup in Singapore is limited as the brands we have in our drugstores aren't exactly wide ranged. Yes, there is Sephora, but we all know that makeup in Sephora tend to be on the slightly pricey side! So what about makeup lovers out there who wanna look fabulous without the hefty price tag?

I am all about affordable makeup. Cheap and good? That is my jam. Makeup does not have to be expensive and from luxury brands in order for you to look good. It is all about the skills and techniques during application! Of course, I am not preaching for you to buy dirt cheap stuffs to slather on your face. All I am saying is there is more to makeup than just brands and all. Expensive makeup is gorgeous to look at and would play an awesome part in your makeup display. However, most of your cold hard cash is going to the packaging, not the formula. Remember, a high price tag is not an assurance that the product is good. There are items out there that work excellent at about half the price and you will still look fabulous ;). This is what I am preaching. You don't need to spend all that cash on high-end, you just need to find what works for you (especially if you are a beginner! Or just broke like I am)!

Here, I am gonna share with you guys my top 10 makeup finds under SGD$22 in Singapore! These products are of good quality, affordable and worth giving a shot! (A real bang for your buck here). Some can be found in the drugstores such as Watsons and Guardian. As the drugstores in Singapore aren't as great in range (like Superdrug in London or Walmart in the US), some on this list have to be bought online. Trust me though, these buys are really worth the money! Prices listed here are in SGD.

Note: I did not add the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge here as it was dirty and kinda offensive to look at! Apologies!

Revlon Lip Butters ($16.30)
These lip butters are amazingggly moisturising and they come in a variety of colours. Great pigmentation and super soft that they glide on the lips literally like butter. Great for those days where you want some colour on your lips but ain't got no time to bust out that lip liner to create that perfect pout. This can be sheer with just one coat and you can build on pigmentation with more coats. It also makes your lips look slightly plumper due to its slight glossy finish. Pucker up ladies! No complains here. 

ELF Small Stipple Brush (About $4 excl shipping)
Got this brush online and I have been loving this for applying and setting my undereye concealer or even for foundation (if I am patient some days!). Bristles are not too dense and duo-fibre giving you a airbrushed look for applying foundation or a slight touch of powder to prevent cakiness! Super soft bristles so no dragging on your face and synthetic which makes washing them easy and fuss-free. Lastly, it is super affordable. Amazing quality for such a price!
Check it out here! 

Sleek Storm palette ($22)
Got this palette off and this palette is excellent. Great pigmentation, little fall out and amazing quality. This palette has a variety of colours so almost any look ranging from neutral to dramatic can be achieved. It also has 2 matte browns which are lovely for crease work or even eyebrows! This palette is really an all rounder and I highly recommend it. highly. 
Check it out here! 

ELF Eyebrow Kit (about $4 excl shipping)
Yes, eyebrows are key. Nobody should be leaving the house with no eyebrows on, unless you are amazingly blessed. This eyebrow kit is super affordable and comes in a few shades so finding your shade isn't difficult. This kit comes with a gel to shape and set your brow hairs so that it will not budge the whole day as well as a powder to fill in any sparse areas and to set the gel. Great price and it lasts for a realllllly long time. I have had mine for about one year and there is still so much life left in this baby. Love. 
Check it out here! 

Essence Lip Liners ($2.50)
These lip liners glide onto the lips so smoothly and it does not drag nor pull on them. Comes in a range of colours so any lip combination can be achieved. Really affordable and it really does help my lipstick to last for a longer period of time and prevent it from feathering out. My only qualm about it is that it can be slightly drying on the lips - especially when you fill them in using this liner in preparation for lipstick. To combat this, simply coat your lips with lip balm before lining them and you're good to go! One of the best lip liners I have found so far in the drugstore.

Rimmel Stay Matte Powder (about $7)
With Singapore being so hot all the time, I tend to get super oily within 3 hours and end up looking like a grease ball. This weather is liteally every makeup lover's ultimate foe. Somedays I can feel my makeup melting off the moment I step outta my house. No kidding. All the angst. But yes, this Rimmel powder is highly raved by many makeup lovers out there and it really does help to your face to look matte for longer. I have mine in the shade transparent and I love it. There is not white cast or camera flash backs with this powder and my makeup does last for a longer period of time. 
Check it out here! (Free international shipping!) 

Maybelline Color Tattoos ($14.90)
These maybelline colour tattoos are amazing in their staying power. I have not worn them for long enough to see if their claim of 24 hour wear holds true. I have, however, worn these on days where I am out for about 15 hours and I am impressed. I use these as eyeshadow bases and it really helps the colours of the shadows which I place over them to pop! These babies can also be used on their own as a cream shadow or even as a liner. Great multi-functional  product for a really affordable price tag. My only reservation is that the range of colours available in Singapore drugstores are limited. 

3W Clinic Professional Powder (about $10)
Do not judge this powder by its packaging. When I first saw this, I was skeptical as the packaging just threw me off. However, I decided to try this after and I really do love it. This loose powder is wonderful in setting my makeup without giving me the super cakey/powdered look even if I go slightly heavy handed. It had slight shimmer in it (which I do not really see in the packaging as well as when I apply it on my face) which is supposed to help you achieve a more radiant look. Really affordable and you get 30g of powder for the price. 30g. This might even last me a lifetime. 
Check it out here! 

Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge (about $7.50 excl shipping)
I love this sponge. Yes, even over my beauty blender. This sponge is super soft and bouncy and the flat side to it helps my foundation application to be quicker and easier. I love the finish this sponge gives me. Super natural yet with coverage. Highly recommended! 
Check it out here! 

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer ($14.90)
I love this concealer to bits. Love. This concealer is pigmented, long lasting and blends super well. It has pretty great coverage and it lasts about 8 hours on me which is pretty amazing. Creasing was minimal, but then again I primed them beforehand so I can't pass judgement when used on its own. Highly raved and I have to say it was worth all they hype. So glad that they have it in Singapore now! I didn't know this before flying back from London so I bought 6 tubes over there and brought it over (yes, that is how much I love this stuff). Only negative would be the range of shades - only 3 shades available : light, medium, deep. Limited choice so you might have to mix to get your perfect shade. For me (I am an NC20), I mix medium and light to get the perfect shade for my undereyes. 

Psst! For those items on, you can use the code QFR109 to get $10 off your first purchase if you would like to do so! 

Hope this post helped all of the Singaporean makeup lovers out there and have a great makeup day! XO. 

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