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By Sarah - Thursday, May 15, 2014

Good day all! Today I will be covering the different kinds of eye makeup brushes I feel that everyone should get! There are so many eye brushes out there and for me, this category of eye makeup brushes was the most confusing as compared to the various face brushes.

Eye makeup can be intricate work and to achieve a flawless and blended look, certain brushes are needed. No fingers please. If you can apply and blend your eye makeup with your fingers and look amazing, kudos to you.

After looking at my eye brushes, I categorised them into 3 simple categories.

Shader brushes (for packing on eyeshadow on the lid)
Shader brushes are simply those paddle eye shadow brushes which are used for packing on eye shadow onto your lid or browbone. It should be dense for really packing on that shadow so that the shadow colour stays true to that in the pan. Shorter bristles will give you more control over application so that you can pack on colour exactly where you want it. My personal favourite is the Sigma E55 (short shader). A dupe for it I dare say is the ELF 'C' Brush. Both works great. 

Blending brushes (your best friend, really)
Blending brushes are probably the most important tool for any eye makeup. While you can pack shadows on with your finger, blending SHOULD be done with a brush. It should be fluffy and soft (so that it does not scratch your lids when you do the infamous window wiper motions on your lids). The length of the bristles depends on how you would like to blend the eyeshadows. The longer the bristles, your eyeshadow will be more diffused and over a wider area on your lids. The shorter the bristles, your blending will be more concentrated in a specific area. This applies for the size of your blending brush as well. The larger and fluffier it is, the look will be more diffused. My favourite? Sigma E40 for blending my overall look and the MAC 217 for blending out my crease colour.

Precision brushes (for intricate work)
I love adding deeper shades onto my outer V and outer crease area as it gives the illusion of a deeper crease and adds depth to whichever eye makeup look I am going for. These are many different kinds of brushes which you can use for precision work, it really depends on what look you are going for. You can use your shader brushes to add a deeper colour onto the outer edges of your lids or use those with a tapered end (such as a pencil brush) to be able to precisely place your darker colour to sculpt out your eye shape. I often go for my Sigma E30 (Pencil Brush) as its bristles are really tapered to a point and are firm, giving me great control for colour placement.

Natural bristles VS Synthetic bristles
Natural bristles pick up and hold colour pigments more than synthetic bristles. Thus, many people do recommend natural bristles for eye brushes. Synthetic brushes, are however, easier to wash and maintain. Personally, I do not have a preference for either. Both kinds of bristles work fine with me and I do not see a stark difference. However, if I had to choose a brush that should be made from natural bristles, it would probably be the blending brush. It would make your blending life slightly easier. Try the Sigma E25 or MAC 217. They are both genius.

Hope this helped! Have a great makeup day ahead! XO.

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