Makeup Starter Kit for Beginners!

By Sarah - Wednesday, May 21, 2014

My very first makeup product was the Silky Girl BB Cream in the shade Natural (Silky Girl is a cosmetic brand under the Alliance Cosmetic Group). I first started using makeup to cover up my acne and somehow or another I opted for this BB cream. My second product was a MAC Kohl Pencil in Smother. Yes, I walked around with just bb cream and smudged thick black liner (as I foolishly used a kohl pencil). No brows, no lips, no blush. Oh the shame. And nobody told me!

So now, for all my makeup beginners out there, I'm sharing this with you : if you are going to opt for any makeup item, please follow on with the whole routine. 

Why? Let me tell you my makeup theory

If you apply bb cream/foundation, you do cancel any discolouration or uneven skintones on your skin, BUT you are also removing any depth. This is because foundations and bb creams are afterall base products and they are meant to give you a flawless (depending on the coverage too, of course) base to apply your makeup. So, if you do use a form of base makeup product but you do not add any blusher or bronzer, there is a high tendency that you are going to look wash out, pale and just flat. Ain't that the total opposite of what makeup is ultimately supposed to do?

If you are going to apply eye liner or mascara to frame and add definition to your eyes, please, do them brows. If not, you are going to look funny (which again, NOBODY told me). Imagine thick liner and no brows. Ain't nobody wanna walk around lookin' like that! You have to balance it up! Thus, brows. Fill them in. 

Hence, my suggestion is have a few essential items in your makeup repertoire. This is all that you really need to achieve a basic fresh and awake look. I have chose some of my favourite affordable products for you to get started on your makeup journey. These are the ultimate basics (I did not include any other additional items such as primers and eyeshadows)!  Remember the ultimate purpose of why you are applying makeup in the first place. Then, it doesn't seem to make any sense to skip some steps now, am I right?

Silky Girl BB Cream ($12.90)
If this was good enough to cover my acne then, it should work great for you. As beginners, BB creams can be a better choice as some foundations can feel really heavy on your face and you may not be used to that. BB creams tend to have a lighter consistency which helps blending easier as well as a lower tendency to become cakey. This Silky Girl BB Cream only comes in two shades though, but it is super affordable at a price of below SGD$15. 

Collection Long Lasting Perfection Concealer ($14.90)
This concealer is phenomenal for the price point and had really good coverage. Blends really easily and comes with a doe foot applicator for easy application and good control. Long lasting as well and if used under the eyes, creasing is kept to a minimal. If you have great skin, you can even skip the BB cream and just use this concealer to cover any blemishes or areas you would like to conceal. 

Rimmel Stay Matte Powder (about $7 online)
Powder is key in setting your makeup on your face to ensure that it lasts longer and does not budge. I highly recommend this powder in the shade transparent as it fits all skin tones so great if you are unsure of what shade you are. This powder does help to control the shine as well. Overall, an affordable product great for all makeup lovers. This cannot be found in local stores but can be bought online on (free international shipping!). 

Catrice Brow Stylist ($6.90)
This eyebrow pencil makes it really easy to fill in those brows. It comes with the pencil at one end and a spoolie brush at the other. Super convenient! Pencils are easier to control and obtain the shape that you want. However, do remember to always use the spoolie brush to blend! Blend, blend, blend. No one wants unblended brows. No one. 

Maybelline Gel Liner in Black ($19.90)
I know a pencil eyeliner would be easier but personally, I have not found one in Singaporean drugstores that does not smudge on me. Pencil liners do have a higher tendency of smudging. Gel liners, on the other hand, do smudge less easily but it is harder to master. This product comes with a pot containing the liner as well as a brush so no additional materials needed. This is a true black and is long lasting. Smudging for me was kept to a minimal as well. I highly do recommend this. 

ELF Contouring Blush & Bronzer (About $5 online)
ELF blushers are pigmented and pretty long lasting. Super affordable as well! This compact comes with a blusher and a bronzer! Yay dual purpose makeup items. Got mine off (which you can find out more here) Blushers have this amazing ability to add life to your face! Essential step if you are using a BB cream or foundation as this will add some colour and make you look fresh (or just, alive). Always use a light hand though, as only a light touch of colour is needed. Nobody should walk around lookin' slapped in the face. This duo has a bronzer as well so you can add use it to bronze or contour your face too if you would like. Don't know how? It's cool, as you can use this bronzer as a transition and contouring shade in your crease! Add a little dimension to those gorgeous eyes of yours. 

Revlon Lip Butters ($16.30)
I love these. They are super moisturising and comes in a great variety of colours. This is great for those of you starting out as lipstick application can require precision and skill. This product is more of a balm with colour. So even if you are slightly with your application, you can still look fabulous. Adding colour to the lips is crucial as well! Pale lips = no no. 

Alright, hope this helped some beginners out there! Remember the ultimate purpose of applying makeup and follow on the steps! Have a great makeup day ahead! XO loves.

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