My Top 5 Sigma Brushes

By Sarah - Sunday, May 25, 2014

Makeup brushes are really essential and key to any makeup look. Having the right tools will help you makeup work harder for you and results would be fantastic! I love Sigma brushes as they are affordable and of really good quality. We all know that high end brushes such as MAC and Hakuhodo are really pricey and some of us just can't bear to fork out such a large sum of money for some hairs on a stick. 

Sigma brushes are comparable in my opinion. I love them and use them everyday (sometimes over my MAC brushes)! My rather vague definition of a good brush is : sturdy, easy to clean, soft bristles, gentle on the face and it should do its job well. 

Looking through my Sigma brushes, I chose 5. These 5 are my favourite and highly recommended Sigma brushes! I know some of you may not be able to afford tons of brushes or just don't see the need to (and you really don't!). Hopefully, this list will help you out! ;)

Top: Sigma F86
Bottom: Sigma F25 (My brush is really old, thus old coding of SS138)

Sigma F86 (Tapered Kabuki)   SGD$35

Dark circles are the bane of my existence. No kidding. I cannot wear contacts without wearing makeup. Sad life as it may be. Thus, undereye concealer is an ultimate must! Holy grail, of course, is my MAC Pro Longwear Concealer in NW20. And there is no better brush (trust me, I have tried tons) to blend this baby out than my beloved Sigma F86. The bristles are dense yet soft so it does not drag on my delicate undereye area. Tapered to a point, this brush fits perfectly under the eyes and great for carving out any edge (I use this to clean up my eyeshadow and liner for that perfect wing!). Love this brush to bits. It makes my undereyes look flawlessly airbrushed and I love how it picks up any excess product so you will not look cakey! 

Sigma F25 (Tapered Face Brush)   SGD$51

This brush is probably the softest brush I have ever used. It feels like a majestic bunny's big fluffy tail on your face (no kiddin'). Soooo soft. I can't even. Bristles are tapered so great for all over bronzing if you would like to. However, since the bristles are so soft, I would not suggest contouring with this as you do not have much control over product placement! Personally, I use this for setting my face with powder! Tapered point fits nicely under the eyes and since it is so fluffly, a few swipes and I'm done. Softest brush award. Definitely.

Top : Sigma E40
Middle: Sigma E30
Bottom: Sigma P80

Sigma E40 (Blending Eye Brush)   SGD$35
Any eye look should and MUST be blended. Therefore, blending brushes are key. A good one will get the job done in a snap and you will look fabulous in a few seconds! I love this Sigma brush for final blending of my eye looks as it is SO soft and fluffy. I do have quite a large eyelid space and this fits me perfectly despite some saying that this brush may be too large for Asian eyes. If this brush is too large for applying your crease colour, you can definitely still use this brush for blending your crease colour and your brow bone highlight for a seamless graduated effect. Bristles are not too long so you do have control over the areas of where you are blending. Whether you use windshield wiper motions or circular motions, this brush makes blending so easy. 

Sigma E50 (Pencil Brush)   SGD$21
This brush is so great for adding deep colours onto my outer V. It is tapered, dense and sturdy and I can get exact colour placement of my eyeshadow on my lids. Super easy to create a dramatic eye look with this baby. All you need is to place a bolder colour of your choice using this brush and then blend (with another brush pls)! Super quick and easy. This brush is really precise. Great for applying shadow under the eyes as well. Thumbs up.

Sigma P80 (Precision Flat)   SGD$29
I love using this for prepping my eyes using my MAC paint pots and my Maybelline colour tattoos. I do have pretty long nails sometimes and I hate dipping my finger into the pot as product will get under them nails (and it ain't pretty). This brush applies cream products so well due to its synthetic bristles. Bristles and dense and of perfect length, giving you ultimate control of product placement as well. You can use this for contouring you nose or even for concealer application!

Just in case you were wondering, yes I use a clear nail polish to coat the names of my brushes to prevent them from being rubbed off due to usage! I purchased all of my Sigma brushes off, which you can check out here!

They may seem really pricey, but these (when treated well with tons of love) will last you many years. I have had mine for about 2 years now and they are still going strong! Makeup brushes are all about investment ;).

Have a great makeup day ahead! XO.

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