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By Sarah - Tuesday, May 06, 2014

My addiction to purchasing eyeshadow palettes are real. And they are serious. But who does not love having options? (Yes, this is my answer to all of you who keep asking me why do I need it). Options

Ok, so I decided why not do this tag? Here goes.

Best Packaging
This was so difficult as I love all my Too Faced Palettes. Their packaging are just... plain gorgeous. But, if I had to choose.... it would be the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette. It looks like a chocolate bar! Do I really need to say more? Super cute and since it is not made from cardboard, it feels more sturdy to me as well. 

Best Colour Payoff 
I have to go with the Too Faced Pretty Rebel Palette for this one. The shadows in this palette (my god) is so creamy and soft and yet so damn pigmented. Best colour payoff, fo' sure. 

Most Versatile
It probably would be my Lorac Pro. It has 8 matte shades and 8 shimmer shades, ranging from neutrals to darker bolder colours. I can create unlimited looks with this palette! 

Best For Travelling 
This would probably go to my Sleek Storm Palette. This palette is sleek (no pun intended), compact, comes with a large mirror and has a good variety of shades for many looks. It has 2 matte browns and a matte black as well as shimmer shades (from neutrals to darks). I brought this around with me a lot when I was travelling around Europe! Fits in my makeup pouch and it is so lightweight. Shadows are pigmented and long lasting as well (so if you don't have space for an eyelid primer, no worries!). 

Best Colour Names 
This goes to my Too Faced Joy To The Girls! These names are derived from the Christmas songs and all things Christmas! You get names such as Prancer, Cookie Dough, Snow Angel and Chestnut. Love it. 

Least Used
I have so many palettes so they do not all get the same amount of lovin'. My least used palette would probably be my Victoria Secret Runway Ready Makeup Palette. This is HUGE, so I rarely use it as firstly, I have to use some strength to take it out as it is pretty heavy. Next, since it is so big, it can't fit directly at my makeup vanity so I stashed it somewhere in my wardrobe. Sad story, I know. It's just to big and I do not like handling it (that's what she said). 

Most Used
This. Is. Tough. After tremendous amount of pondering, I decided that it is my Make Up Academy Undressed Palette. Yes. This is the only eyeshadow palette which I have hit pan on. I used this so much when I was staying in Europe! Dupe for the Urban Decay Naked Palette, the shadow colours are super versatile. I love the texture and pigmentation of these shadows as well. 

Most Loved 
Can I cheat? Can I say all my palettes cus I'm a crazy makeup lady that way? Oh this is hard. I love them all. It's like... asking you to choose which child do you love the most (yes, I need a life. I've heard that before). Ok, I have to choose. I am going to pick my Too Faced A Few Of My Favourite Things. I love this so much as firstly, I took such a long time to find this! This is limited edition and by the time I decided to get it, they discontinued it (Story of my life here. Same thing happened to Urban Decay Vice 2. Why, Makeup Gods. Why.).Secondly, this palette is just so gorgeous. Pink and Gold. Er, YES. The eyeshadows in here are amazing as well. And you get face products too! Yes, I love this palette so. 

Desert Island
I am going to go with my Pixi Soft Focus Fresh Palette. This palette comes with a good-sized mirror, 12 eyeshadows, 6 blushers and 4 lip glosses. Pretty much an all-in-one. So, yes I'll bring this along on an deserted island. But then again, if I am stuck on a deserted island, my priorities would probably to.... survive. 

That's all for today. I was pondering if I should take individual shots of the palettes but then again, ran out of good lighting. Really wanted to post this regardless! Might take the shots one day and update this post. 

Thanks for reading and have a great makeup day ahead! 

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