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By Sarah - Thursday, June 19, 2014

Recently, I was browsing through for acrylic makeup organisers when I stumbled upon super affordable makeup brushes. USD$1.29 for a blending brush that looks pretty close to the MAC 217? Of course, I got excited. I am a makeup brush fanatic. My theory, makeup brushes will last me a long time so technically, they are an investment. Yes, says the lady with 75 makeup brushes.

I decided to purchase some of these ebay brushes to see what they are like! If they work great, then this discover is probably Nobel prize status (ok no, but still). If they don't, at least I tried. They do not cost much so I did not lose a lot of money for this experiment anyway. 

What did I get? 
Supposed MAC 217 Dupe!

*Pardon the low quality pictures, was too excited and took these at night with horrible lighting*
Can you guess which is which?
Top: Sigma E25
Middle: Ebay 217 dupe
Bottom: MAC 217

Top: Sigma E25
Middle: Ebay 217 dupe
Bottom: MAC 217

This brush even has 217 printed on the handles! Try that for imitation.

Compared to the MAC 217, this brush has less of a tapered tip. It also has longer and slightly softer bristles. Thus, bristles are more flimsy and they splay out more than would a MAC 217. Control over blending is lesser as well but nevertheless, this brush does its job. This blends my eyeshadows pretty well and great for just throwing colour into the crease. No shedding while washing as well.

Overall, for a brush that cost me USD 1.17, this brush is AWESOME. It fulfills its purpose which is blending them shadows! Loving it and am thinking of purchasing more! Do note though, this brush may not be the best for detailed work or precise blending over a smaller area. This brush excels at blending the edges of your entire look.

Do check this out if you're on a budget and looking for a blending brush - click here!

Have a great makeup day ahead! XO.

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