Higher End Makeup for Makeup Beginners

By Sarah - Saturday, July 19, 2014

When you first enter the wonderful world of makeup (or equivalent : Sephora), you will be confused yet tempted to purchase everything. How could you not? Those sexy bold lipsticks to sleek shiny palettes that are just calling you to spend some cold hard cash and get one further step to becoming broke and possibly homeless. I know, I've been there. Still there.

Like I have said a thousand times, getting a fabulous cake face isn't achieved by just expensive high end makeup. There are tons of cheaper alternatives out there that can provide you with the same end result. However, if you must (and we all know we can't resist), here are some items which I personally feel are worth the price and are a good addition (despite its price tag) to any makeup collection.

Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation (SGD $72)
Base products are key to any look. Without a good base, nothing you apply on top of it ain't gonna last or look as good. This foundation is by far the best coverage foundation that I've used. Love the texture of this - creamy mousse - as it blends really easily on the skin regardless if you are using your fingers or a brush. Would say this is a full coverage satin finish foundation that makes your skin look flawless yet still somewhat natural.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade (SGD $22.30)
Nothing beats this for me when it comes to brows. This comes in a pot and you apply it kinda like gel liner. Applies really smooth on the brows and blends really easily as well. Work quick though, as once this sets, it doesn't budge! Depending on your application, this product can help you achieve natural brows or super bold ones! Ps: I got mine off beautybay.com which you can check out here.

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette (SGD $69)
There are so many palettes out there but I feel that if you're a beginner, start with a good solid neutral palette such as this! I know Urban Decay's Naked palettes have been all the rage but those are categorised into bronzes, taupes and rosey tones - if you're not sure what suits you or you just have no idea what the hell I just said, I suggest you do not get those (yet). Eyeshadows can do wonders to your eyes and if done correctly, it will help you achieve a perfectly lifted eye, more definition and help you look more awake. This Too Faced palette has a good selection of warm tones and cool tones so more eyelooks can be achieved, ranging from super neutral to even a warm smokey eye. Additional goodie, it smells like chocolate. Who doesn't want that??

MAC Pro Longwear Concealer (SGD $30)
This concealer has been my holy grail concealer for about 4 years now. This works so well for me and I'm darn sure it would on you too. Super easy to blend, great coverage and long lasting. If used under the eyes to conceal those dark dark dark eye circles, it doesn't crease either! Despite the tube of 9ml looking all puny and that it ain't worth the money,think again. Mine lasts for over a year and I use it literally everyday.

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara (about SGD$45)
I personally feel that high end mascaras aren't worth it as mascaras last for about 6 months and that drugstore alternatives are as good or even better (such as those maybelline ones!). However, if I had to choose, it would be the Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara. Come on, better than sex - do I have to say more? ;) But seriously, this mascara adds volume like no other. It makes my sad Asian lashes look full and voluminous in one coat. It lengthens, but only slightly (do not expect your lashes to look like Kim K's with this). Finally, it holds the curl pretty well which is great too! Overall, this mascara is probably the only higher end one that I would repurchase.

These are my picks from the higher end makeup vortex. Of course, then again there is the true high end makeup brands such as Lancome and Chanel but I ain't go no money to go anywhere near that. Hope this is helpful for those of you still wandering around in Sephora or what not, trying to figure out what is worth spending on.

Have a great makeup day y'all!

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