Review | Zoeva 229 Eye Finish and 110 Face Shape Brushes

By Sarah - Monday, July 07, 2014

Zoeva 229 Eye Finish and 110 Face Shape Brush Review Zoeva brushes are a rising star in the world of makeup brushes and it's no surprise. Their brushes are of excellent quality with an affordable price tag! I did a full review of the Classic Face Set not too long ago which you can check out here. Thoroughly impressed, I decided to pick up 2 more single brushes : #229 Eye Finish and #110 Face Shape.

The brushes come in the standard Zoeva packaging of the slightly translucent grey zip lock bag (which I really appreciate!). Sturdy shimmery black handles with the name and code embossed like all other brushes from their line.

#229 Eye Finish
I was particularly interested in this brush as it is probably the only duo-fibre eye blending brush that I have ever encountered. Intrigued, I had to get it! Tried it out a few times and I'm not particularly impressed. This brush has pretty long bristles, giving you not much control over blending in specific areas. The duo-fibre bristles do not pick up much product nor deposit them well either, resulting in slightly futile attempts in throwing a transition shade onto my crease (as you really have to work it and multiple dips to get the colour to show!). This also results in blending not being a breeze with this brush as well. However, I did find the PERFECT use for this brush. Contouring and highlighting. That's right. Those of you who tend to be heavy handed - this is the perfect brush for you. This works fabulously for contouring the sides of the nose and I highly recommend it! You can use this for a precise contour underneath the cheekbones as well (it will just require more effort and time). This brush picks up just the right amount of product to give the nose/cheek some definition without you looking all cray cray. Super easy and really fool proof! This brush can also be great for highlighting the cheekbones - subtle glow and radiance will be easy breezy. No worries bout looking like a walking disco ball here.

Zoeva 229 Eye Finish and 110 Face Shape Brush Review
Left: MAC 224SE   | Middle: #229 Zoeva   | Right: Sigma E40
For size comparison!

#110 Face Shape
This brush also intrigued me due its size (yes, I do get intrigued quite easily). This brush is a right smack in between the size of a Sigma Round Top Kabuki F82 and the Precision Round P82 (from the Precision Kit). Bristles are of good density and length, giving adequate control over deposition of product and blending. The size fits right beneath my cheekbones perfectly. Lovely finish using a cream bronzer and blending of product was easy. This brush, due to its bristle density, can deposit too much product if you are not careful. Do not be heavy handed with this! Another great way to use this brush is for the blending out of undereye concealer. I've tried it and liked how it picks up excess product while making my undereye concealer look all airbrushed!

Zoeva 229 Eye Finish and 110 Face Shape Brush Review
Left: Zoeva #110   |   Right: Real Techniques Buffing Brush
For size comparison! 

Overall, the quality of these brushes do not disappoint and Zoeva really do give Sigma and MAC brushes a run for their money. I highly recommend the #229 Eye Finish for beginners and for nose contouring specifically! #110 is great for cream contouring as well.

Do check out Zoeva if you're thinking of investing in some brushes! I purchased mine off Luxola (which you can check out here). And nope, this ain't a sponsored post - I just buy tons of stuff from this site and I bought these with my own money!

Have a great makeup day ahead loves! XO.

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