Review | Sigma E37 All Over Blend Brush

By Sarah - Tuesday, August 19, 2014

I think I may have just found my holy grail blending brush. I used to adore my Sigma E40s (I have more than one and yes I still love them) but recently, I have found myself constantly reaching for my Sigma E37. Regardless of what colours I use or what eyelook I am going for, this brush just seem to blend everything effortlessly and perfectly. I am definitely one happy camper. 

This brush is part of the recent launch of  The Perfect Blend Brush Kit which is under Sigma's Advanced Artistry Brush Collection.
Firstly, like most Sigma brushes, it comes with its signature glossy black handle with the name of the brush in holographic print. Its handle is slightly thicker than my Sigma E40 and it feels sturdier as well. I'm not entirely sure what bristles they are, but it sure looks like natural bristles to me. These bristles pick up a good amount of product and deposits it nicely onto the skin.

This brush gives an excellent amount of control when it comes to blending. It has a round dome brush head with densely packed bristles of good length. Despite it being densely packed, this brush feels so soft on the skin and does not tug on the eyelid whatsoever. The amount of control provided enables me to blend my shadows perfectly and remove any harsh lines with a good amount of precision and without much effort at all!

The size of the brush fits snugly and nicely into my crease area which makes it extremely perfect for crease work. It works fine for adding colour to the crease and then blending it out, but as this brush is denser and has shorter bristles (as compared to the Sigma E40), I do find that it can deposit a lot of colour at once in a more concentrated area. Thus, I still prefer my Sigma E40 when it comes to throwing a transition shade into my crease as the bristles splay out more, giving a more diffused application. I do like the E37. however, for placing a darker outer V shade onto my lid and diffusing it slightly into the crease. This brush applies colour evenly and with good precision! 

Overall. I do highly recommend this brush to everyone, beginners and pro alike. This brush provides great control over blending and will definitely aid anyone's makeup application. Especially for those with smaller lid space,this brush will work for you. 

Rating: 4.5/5

I purchased mine off Luxola (click here) when they were having a 30% off sale. I can never constrain myself when there are good deals! I am in no way sponsored by them and reviews are 100% my honest opinions. 
Thanks for reading and I hope this review helped you one way or another! 
Have a great makeup day ahead all! Xx.

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