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By Sarah - Thursday, August 28, 2014

Makeup Academy(MUA) is famous for their super affordable and great quality eyeshadow palettes, such as Undressed and Heaven & Earth. I own almost all of their 4 pound palettes (went a little crazy when I was in Superdrug) and am pleased with the quality and pigmentation of the shadows in general. I wanted to venture out and try out new items from this brand, so I purchased 4 of their single shadows! And these babies only cost me 1 pound each. 1 pound. 

There were a good range of colours but I noticed that most of them were shimmery. I'm not entirely sure if there are matte singles as many shades were often sold out! MUA is one popular brand! I picked up shades 4, 9, 24 and 29. 

Under fluorescent lighting 
Shade 4 is a shimmery lilac shade with green and red micro glitter. This shade is so gorgeous. I can't even describe how pretty it looks on the lids. It has the iridescent quality to it due to the micro glitter that really looks great on the eyes. The shadow feels creamy when swatched and pigmentation is great. You can apply a little and sheer it out if you prefer a more subtle day time look or just go all out and pack this heavily on the lid for a stunning night glam look!

Shade 9 is an iridescent duo-chrome purplish blue shade that took my breath away. I love purple. And I love blue. Incorporate both into a single shadow? Aww yes. When I first swatched this shade, it immediately reminded me of MAC's Stars n Rockets! This shadow is creamy with good pigmentation. You may have to double dip your brush into the shadow to get the colour to show nicely on the lids but overall, I love it.

Shade 24 is a shimmery warm rose shade with red and green micro glitters. This is an excellent colour to just throw onto your lids! It is warm, girly and sweet and subtly imparts depth to the eyes. Creamy and pigmented, this shadow is lovely to work with.

I had to pick up an olive green. Come on. These shades rock my boat. Shade 29 is a stunning olive green shade with golden and red micro glitters. I love MAC's Sumptuous Olive and this is similar, except this MUA shadow leans more on the olive green side (rather than golden). I would pay way more for this shadow. This shade is the creamiest out of the lot, and pigmentation is great. No double dipping needed for this.Intensity in the pan can be achieved with just one application!

Under natural daylight

These single shadows impressed me so and these only cost 1 pound each! I can't believe the quality I'm getting here. Should have gotten more! I highly recommend this to anyone. It is super affordable and quality is way above the price you pay. Grab it if you see it in stores as these things run out pretty quickly!

Rating: 4.5/5

Have a great makeup day my friends! And as always, thanks again for reading. Xx.

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