Review | Zoeva #109 Luxe Face Paint Brush

By Sarah - Friday, August 08, 2014

Contouring has never been terribly easy for me. Suck in those cheeks, they say. Find your cheek bone, they say. Say what now? I've always been a klutz when it comes to chiseling out those (barely visible) 
cheekbones of mine. 

So, I decided to invest in a(nother) brush to make the work easy. I do have some brushes meant for contouring, such as the Real Techniques Contour Brush, but those require higher levels of skill for it may end up looking muddy at the cheeks if not done properly! Everyone raves about the Nars Ita brush which is similar shaped as this Zoeva one, but at like 3 times the price and it is always sold out! Yes, the whole beauty community has their eyes on that one! Ain't got no money fo' that anyway, so I purchased this instead. 

The Zoeva #109 brush is a flat top and squarish brush made from a special blend of natural and synthetic bristles. Bristles are soft and firm, of good length and are quite densely packed, giving a good amount of control when you are contouring! It does not feel scratchy on the face whatsoever either. 

Bristles are nicely packed, picking up and depositing a good amount of product onto the face. 
For bristle length comparison.
The brush from the Hoola Bronzer has longer bristles and it frays out more when pressed
against the face, giving lesser control and a deposits product over a wider surface area.

Using this brush has make contouring way easier for me due to its shape. I simply dip one side along the length of the brush into the product and I angle it on my face where I want to deposit the colour. Then, I just move the brush back and forth till it blends out the product, ensuring that there are no harsh lines. 

That's kinda it. 

Well, hello cheekbones. 

I highly recommend this brush for those of you who struggle with contouring. This brush does provide more precision and control than other rounded contour brushes! I do not contour everyday, but whenever I do, this brush has been my go-to. Washed it a few times and I have experienced no shedding of the bristles whatsoever too. Money well spent. 

Rating : 4.5/5

I purchased mine off, but upon going back to get the link for you guys, I realised that it was no longer on their website! No idea why!

For the Zoeva Face Paint on the Zoeva website, click here. 
For other Zoeva brushes on Luxola, click here

Hope this review helped and thank you for reading! 
Have a great makeup day ahead my friends! Xx. 

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