Top 5 Lid Shades

By Sarah - Sunday, August 24, 2014

Ps. Yes, the cover photo has 6 swatches. This was because I swatched both YDK and Maneater to show how similar they are! 

The lid colour is probably the most prominent shade out of your entire eye look and of course, it has to be a fabulous shade! Depending on the shade used, different lid colours will result in completely different eye looks and illusions. These top 5 lid colours here work best on opening the eye and making you look more awake. Lighter shades on the lids will give the appearance of a brigher and slightly larger eye (which is a look I am usually going for as my Asian eyes are on the small side!). Here are some shadows which I feel look amazing on the lid and works great with almost any skin tone. Enjoy! Xx.

1. Maneater (Too Faced The Return Of Sexy Palette)
This is a warm toned rosey gold shade with a satin finish. This shade isn't too shimmery and over the top, making it a wonderful lid colour for a super natural makeup look. This is perfect on the lid paired with a warm toned brown/purple such as MAC's sketch or embark.

**This is very similar to YDK (UD Naked 2):

2. Fawn (Sigma Warm Neturals Palette)

Where do I begin with this shade? It's ahhh-mah-zing. One of my favourite eyeshadows of all time (and that, my friend, is saying something). This shimmery antique gold shade with red and green glitters looks amazing on the lids for almost any eye look and for every skin tone. It's so flattering on the eyes and really just makes your eyes pop! Definitely a go-to shade for me.

3. Half Baked (Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette)
I am a sucker for golds on the lids. It is just so flattering and it can play up almost any colour that you place in the crease! Half Baked is a gorgeous shimmery rich gold that looks so classy and expensive! It's the epitome of a gold eyeshadow shade for me!

4. Satin Sheets (Too Faced Naked Eye/Boudoir Eyes Palette)
Satin Sheets is a duo toned gold and pink satin finish shadow that really brightens up the eyes! I find myself going for this shadow whenever I am lost for a lid color. It is just such a gorgeous shade! It really complements warmer skin tones as well.

5. Kitten (Stila Daydream Palette)
Kitten is an award winning Stila shade and no arguments there! This cult classic is just a go-to shade that works well with almost every skin tone. Kitten really looks fabulous on the lid and brings the eye look to a next level. This peachy champagne shade has a satin finish and really tops off a neutral glamorous eye look.

These shades are so pretty and definitely my go-to shades! Hope you enjoyed this post!
Thanks for reading and have a great makeup day ahead! Xx.

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