Review & Swatches | Sleek i-Divine Ultra Mattes V2 Darks Palette

By Sarah - Saturday, September 06, 2014

I have something for matte eyeshadows and this palette has full of them (12 to be exact). Matte eyeshadows can either be a hit or miss as formulation tends to be trickier that shimmery and satin shades. They are usually harder to blend out as well. I was excited and nervous getting this - if it works, wonderful. If it sucks, I have a completely useless palette. Sleek has yet to fail me, so I gave it a try!

This palette comes in the traditional matte black plastic casing which is sturdy and compact. Sleek palettes' packaging is definitely one of my favourites. It's so easy and convenient to bring it for travel or for photoshoots - it fits literally everywhere as it is (no pun intended) sleek. 

What caught my eye were the deep teal and purple shades (Orbit and Highness). Ohmygod. And they are matter. I do not own much matte shades, mostly neutrals, so I wanted to jazz up my makeup collection with these gorgeous matte shades. This palette comes with 12 shades, with a good combination of neutrals and colours. Thus, this palette alone can create a few looks without the need to bust out another palette to supplement it! 

This is a mineral eyeshadow palette so I expected significant fallout (as with other mineral eyeshadows) but these shadows pleasantly surprised me. Fall out was almost close to minimal! Amazing. Colours are pigmented and they apply really nicely on the lid without any patchiness - which is pretty darn good for matte shadows! The shadows also blend well (easier than I thought it would be) which is great as matte shadows can be hard to blend. Lasting power of these shadows is decent, about 8 hours of wear with a primer underneath.

Let's dive into the swatches:

All are swatched without primer and shot in natural day light.

Overall, this palette is a great matte palette with high quality shadows! I highly recommend it as it really adds to your matte shadow collection. I got mine off Luxola at SGD$22 which you can check out here.

Rating: 4/5

Here's a look I did using this palette! A soft cut crease that is suitable for almost any occasion! Details can be found via my instagram (here).

Disclaimer: This isn't a sponsored post! I just buy tons from Luxola!
Thanks for dropping by and I sure hope this review helped you in some way!
Have a great makeup day ahead my friend!Xx.

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