Review | Garnier Olia Hair Colour in Intense Red

By Sarah - Saturday, December 20, 2014

We all pass a period of time where we get bored with our hair colour and want something new for a change. Currently on holiday, I'm enjoying the non-existential work load and excited to try new things! I've dyed my hair twice before, using the Loreal Excellence Hair Colour in Intense Violet Red but it didn't really show up on my hair. My hair is stubborn. It doesn't hold any curl and it doesn't absorb any dye! However, do take note that I have thick hair that isn't prone to tangling and doesn't get oily easily as you read on with the review.

On a whim one day, I decided to try the Garnier Olia Hair Dye in Intense Red. What caught my eye was actually the size of the box. It is pretty darn big. I purchased this off Fairprice Supermarket at SGD$19.90. Another part which caught my eye was the fact that this contained no ammonia and utilises natural flower oils - which sounds amazing and less damaging to the hair. 

Inside the box, you get the mixing bottle, hair developer, hair colourant, after dye conditioner and gloves. The mixing bottle is pretty big and something different - a tear-shaped bottle with a really narrow opening. The shape is excellent for getting all the product out! I used up every single ounce and made my money's worth.

1. Add in the Developer Cream into the mixing bottle

2. Add the Colourant Cream into the mixing bottle as well
*Please don't mind the nails! Fixed it the day after! Hehe*

Doesn't this look like pudding in a bottle? Haha.
After this, shake it up and you're good to go!

The steps were fairly simple. You simply need to add the developer and the colour creme into the mixing bottle, shake it and viola, you apply it on your hair. I like the gloves - they fitted nicely with little excess, giving good control.  The bottle was good, the product came out easily and since the opening of the bottle was pretty small, there wasn't any spillage or squirts of hair dye anywhere! During application of the dye, the smell wasn't pungent or nasty like some others I've experienced - which is great as some hair dyes make the room smell like a horrible, nasty, disgusting fart (excuse my language). 

Immediately after applying the dye
After washing it off, the hair colour looked kinda dark and there was clearly a hair dye smell (but then again, which hair dye doesn't cause that). The conditioner was good, it made my hair feel soft and smooth (it made it feel like I didn't dye it at all). 

After a week and a few washes, the colour lightened up and I really love how the colour looks! The red is pretty obvious (which is really amazing considering how stubborn my hair is!) and the colour isn't dull at all. However, it isn't as intense as shown on the box. Nevertheless, my hair doesn't feel damaged in any sense either, which is definitely an absolute plus! 

And yes, I am stingy and I only got one box for my thick and slightly longer than shoulder length hair! However, I feel that the product managed to cover everything and the dye is even. Of course for those of you wanting a better and more intense coverage, you can definitely purchase two boxes instead of scrimping and saving like I did! 

Here is how it looks after 2 washes too! 

Overall, I really enjoy this dye and would probably go for it again if I'm not feeling too adventurous! I will keep updating this post if I noticed any fading or changes in the upcoming weeks fo' sure. 

Rating: 4/5

Hope this review helped you in some way and thank you so much for dropping by! 
Have a lovely day ahead guys! 

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