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By Sarah - Saturday, May 16, 2015

Hey guys! Recently Gerard Cosmetics had a 30% off sale and free shipping so I had to get something. How can I not? Hehe.

I've heard so many good things about their lipglosses but I'm not a huge fan of it so I opted for their lipsticks instead. I got all the shades except for nude (and now i'm kinda regretting, should have just gotten em' all!).

Shipping took a while, but was understandable considering it was Black Friday after all. I also love that their international delivery provided tracking services! It took about 20 days for my lipsticks to arrive, which is still pretty decent.

Off the bat, the first thing I noticed was that one of the lipsticks had smeared printing of the logo (which is pretty disappointing considering that their packaging looks so lush with the gold). Thus, quality control isn't as top-notch as I hoped it would be. However, the gold bullet looks so pretty and I love how these lipsticks look displayed on my vanity!

Another thing I noticed, was that the quality of each lipstick varies. Buttercup applied the smoothest and the easiest - with minimal tugging on the lips. 1995 was the most dry in terms of texture and I had to work it to get the full colour and even application on the lips. Due to its dry texture, it can apply slightly patchy. The rest were also slightly on the drier side as well (but there are plus sides to this, read on!).

The pigmentation to these are great. It only took one or at most,two applications of each to get the full colour on the lips. Fire Engine is so lovely. It is this gorgeous blue-toned red that screams holidays and Gwen Stefani. One coat of this lipstick gave me full pigmentation and omg, that gorgeous colour tho.

Even though these lipsticks weren't advertised as matte, these dry and set to a pretty matte finish which I contribute to their drier formulation. The only exception is Buttercup which sets to a satin finish (but then again, it has a smoother formulation). Despite its drier formulation, these lipsticks do not dry out my lips. In fact, it feels like nothing on your lips after application - as though you didn't apply anything. Y'know what I mean? Whenever I wear lipsticks, I know that I am as I can feel a film/layer of product on the lips. With these lipsticks, you don't feel it! Which is really cool in my opinion and especially great for those who hate the feeling of product on the lips!

These lipsticks have a really amazing lasting power. I wore 1995 and went for pancakes. After my entire meal consisting of coffee, pancakes, sausage and maple syrup, I was amazed that the lipstick was still visible on the lips! And not just the outer lip - the entire lip still looked decent, requiring minimal touch ups! This could be due to their drier formulation as well.

Overall, I am enjoying these lipsticks. Yes, even though I mentioned about their drier formulation, these are pretty much equivalent to matte lipsticks without being drying on the lips. Pigmentation and lasting power is excellent as well.

My favourite shades have to be Buttercup(for them super neutral days), 1995 (for the neutral but still with a lil somethin' somethin' days haha) and Cherry Cordial (for the days I wanna go all out with a darkish vampy lip)! Yes, I know, I picked 3 out of 5 but it was really hard for me to choose!

Rating: 3.5/5

These retail for USD$19.90 per lipstick. However,there are lipstick bundle options available as well. You can check out their website here.  Those of you interested in purchasing these, keep a look out on their instagram or facebook as they release the promo codes for their lipstick bundles there (which makes these lipsticks SUPER worthwhile!). I would recommend these when they are on promotion as I feel that for USD $19.90, these lipsticks ultimately didn't blow my mind.

Hope the review and swatches helped you in some way and thank you so much for dropping by!
Have a great day ahead my loves!XO.

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