Review & Swatch | The Balm Cosmetics Balmsai Palette

By Sarah - Monday, February 02, 2015

Launched late last year, I was super excited to try out this palette due to middle 6 shades! I'm a sucker for greens and purples and this palette definitely caught my eye. 

Like always, The Balm is definitely one of the top contenders for best packaging! Vintage and sleek, I'm all for it. This palette comes in a sturdy cardboard packaging like their other palettes. This was smaller than I expected, about 2/3 size of the Balm Voyage palette for reference. 

This palettes features 18 shadows - 6 neutrals, 6 pops of colour, 3 brow shades and 3 shades that could be used both wet or dry. 

One glance at this palette, I realised that despite the pops of colour provided, the shades lean towards the more muted side. Nothing really jumps out and screams "vibrancy!". Not that that is horrible, it just makes this palette slightly more wearable for many people. 

Off the bat, these shadows are of a slightly drier texture (thus more powdery) than I am used to with The Balm eyeshadows. Nevertheless, they are still of great quality. Pigmentation overall is good, especially for the pop of colours in the middle. I did had some trouble with the wipe out and hang on, as they weren't swatching well on my skin. The last row (catch a wave) did swatch patchy, and I had the most trouble with these. I did not use them wet, since I had problems using them dry already. Do spend a lot of time blending these shades out!

I am absolutely in love with the shades Sand bar (duochrome taupish silver with pink iridescence), Surfari (deep plummish purple) and Pipeline (deep purplish blue). These shadows are gorgeous. However, I do highly suggest using a primer as I wore these shades out and they faded on me pretty quickly.

With primer, these shadows lasted about 7 hours. Without primer, they lasted 3-4 hours and appeared dull. I also recommend using a black base (in addition to your eyelid primer) with the pops of colour as this will increase the vibrancy level way more and make the colours pop on the lids.

Let's move onto the swatches! 

Apologies for the messy swatches! I had problems with these and got a little frustrated!

Overall, this palette is great as you get neutrals, colours and brow shades all in one. It is compact, sleek and study which makes it great for travelling (and it comes with a decent sized mirror).

This palette has not arrived onto Singapore's shores yet. However, I got mine off here. This retails for SGD$55.90. They ship internationally too at an affordable price!

If you would like to purchase this, you can go ahead and use the code SARAHXTHEBALM for 10% off! This code applies to other The Balm Cosmetics items (that are not on sale) as well so you can go ahead and check those out!

Rating: 3/5

Hope this review and swatches helped you in some way! This palette was sent to me but in no way affected my review. Keeping it real here as usual!
Like always, thank you so much for dropping by!
Have a great day ahead! XO.

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