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By Sarah - Saturday, March 21, 2015

Jessup brushes review purple and gold 15 pieces brush set
Hey guys!

Got another review up for you today and it's all gonna be about my latest obsession, the Jessup 15 Pieces Brush Set!

Look at it. 

Firstly, purple and gold. Yes. My favourite colour and the gold ferrule just makes it look so lush. Each brush also has the supposed function imprinted on the handle in a gold font - very nice touch, if you ask me. These are just guides of course, you definitely can use a brush for a myriad of functions!

jess up brushes review 15 pieces set

I wasn't expecting too much from this, considering the price point. This whole set cost me about SGD$24 (~USD18 )! So, I was kinda bracing myself in regards to the quality. But my friends, these brushes are so so so soft. The moment I received them, I was pretty much shocked at the amazing quality of these. The handles are firm and sturdy and the most brushes are made of synthetic bristles. They are just... soft as a bunny's tail (with the exception of the 2 natural bristle eye brushes which I will mention about later.)

In this set, you get 7 face brushes:

  • Large Powder
  • Tapered Face
  • Powder/Blush
  • Duo Fibre Powder/Blush
  • Tapered Highlighter 
  • Large Concealer 
  • Concealer 

And 8 brushes for eyes and lips
  • Large Fluff
  • Tapered Blending (natural bristles)
  • Blending (natural bristles)
  • Small Tapered Blending
  • Flat Definer
  • Short Shader
  • Eye liner
  • Lip 
I have to say the face brushes alone already makes the set worth it! The face brushes are all super soft and the bristles do pick up product and deposit it on the skin nicely. One thing to note though, after close inspection, I do realise that the bristles for the tapered face brush wasn't too well cut as the length of the hairs weren't too even on both sides. However, it isn't too major and I do feel that it doesn't affect the function of the brush if you're just using it to set the face with loose powder (which I do).  Overall, definitely thumbs up for the face brushes! 

The only 2 brushes which I felt were scratchy from the bunch are the Tapered Blending brush and the Blending brush. These are the only 2 brushes from the set that use natural bristles and they are scratchy on the eyes. So, I do not use them for those purposes. Instead, I use the Tapered Blending brush to apply highligher precisely on top of the cheekbones and the Blending brush to contour the sides of my nose. Problem solved! 

Here are just some of my favourite uses for each brush, if you're interested: 
  • Large Powder : Setting the whole face with powder
  • Tapered Face : Setting the whole face with powder / Bronzer
  • Powder/Blush : Blush (love love love this for blush)
  • Duo Fibre Powder/Blush : Light contouring of the cheekbones
  • Tapered Highlighter : Setting the undereye concealer / Highlighting the cheekbones
  • Large Concealer : Applying face primer 
  • Concealer : Applying concealer to spots / Applying eyeshadow bases
  • Large Fluff : Setting the eye primer before eye makeup application 
  • Tapered Blending (natural bristles) : Precise highlighting 
  • Blending (natural bristles) : Contouring the nose
  • Small Tapered Blending : Blending of eyeshadows (Fits nicely into my crease!)
  • Flat Definer : Smoking out the lower lash line
  • Short Shader : Inner tearduct highlight / Applying eyeshadow to the lower lash line
  • Eye liner : Using gel liner 
  • Lip : for lips (The bristles are short and stiff and gives good amount of control! Excellent for clean and crisp lipstick application)

Feast your eyes on the photos! 

Jessup Purple and Gold 15 Pieces Brush Set from Ebay Review

Jessup Purple and Gold 15 Pieces Brush Set from Ebay Review

Jessup Purple and Gold 15 Pieces Brush Set from Ebay Review

Here are some comparisons with my other brushes so you get an idea! 

Jessup Purple and Gold 15 Pieces Brush Set Review Ebay Brushes



Jessup Purple and Gold 15 Pieces Brush Set Review


Jessup Purple and Gold 15 Pieces Brush Set Review

Jessup Purple and Gold 15 Pieces Brush Set Review

Overall, I have to say this brush set is really amazing for its affordable price point! You get 15 brushes for SGD$24 (USD$18), so one brush is at a whopping price of SGD$1.60 (USD$1.20)!!! 

They have other colours too, if you're not a fan of purple (if so, we can't be friends, really.) - black/white handle with gold/silver ferrule. I got mine off ebay which you can check out hereShipping is free, but it take about 3 weeks or so to arrive.  

Rating: 4.5/5 

I highly recommend this to everyone, a makeup beginner or a junkie (like me). Besides, brushes are always a good investment! 

Hope the review and photos were helpful for you! Thanks for dropping by and have a great day ahead!Xo. 

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