Review | Khiel's Ultra Light Daily UV Defence Sunscreen (Reformulated)

By Sarah - Monday, May 18, 2015

Hey guys!

I recently went for a skin analysis at Robinson's in order to figure out what I should do to up my skincare game. Apparently, my daily ritual of the cleanse-tone-moisturise isn't good enough. I have been attending some skincare workshops recently and boy, I know that more needs to be done.

Anyway, the results came out and my skin has been severely affected by UV rays! And I suffer from dehydrated yet oily skin. The need for sunscreen is real. I used to swim a lot when I was younger and I made the horrible mistake of not putting sunscreen. I know, I kinda deserve it. I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one, but I absolutely cannot stand the smell and texture of typical sunscreens on my face (and hence, its minimal usage). Then again, I did not discover the wide range and selections of sunscreens in the market and I just assumed that it all wasn't for me (but now I know better).

Talking about sunscreen in general,

Firstly, the SPF number indicated is not sufficient in protecting your skin. It does not also necessarily mean the larger the SPF number, the better the protection either (I.e. SPF 100 does not provide double the protection of SPF50). There are 2 kinds of UV rays that will hit and affect our skin - UVA and UVB. The SPF (Sun Protection Factor) only protects us from UVB rays. But what about UVA rays? That boils down to the PA factor (PA+, PA++, PA+++ so on).

I realised that I never really paid much attention to the PA factors in the past, but this is pretty important knowledge in protecting our skin from the sun! Note : there are 2 kinds of UVA rays as well - long UVA and short UVA rays. According to a L'Oreal study, both long and short UVA rays can pass through clouds and glass to cause photoaging, which can appear as wrinkles, roughness, lack of elasticity or hyperpigmentation. However, long UVA rays extend much further, reaching and therefore damaging the deepest layers of the dermis which attacks our collagen and elastin levels!

Next, there are 2 kinds of sunscreens out there as well - physical and chemical. Generally, physical sunscreens block the UV rays while chemical ones absorb them (I do not really know the scientific explanation behind these, I apologise!). Remember my absolute hatred for sunscreens? Back then, I was using physical sunscreens, or ones with higher physical sunscreen filters. These are thicker in formulation and tend to leave the whitish cast on your face after application. Chemical sunscreens, on the other hand, are thinner in formulation.

So back to my blog post title, the newly reformulated Khiel's Ultra Light Daily UV Defence Sunscreen!

Taken from the website: 

Daily protection against 90% of skin aging

-New & improved formula with extended protection against long UVA rays
-Newly-added Rosa Gallica to soothe and calm skin
-Oil-free, fragrance-free, colorant-free, non-comedogenic  
-Helps prevent against 90% of skin ageing  

Firstly, its packaging does not differ from the previous version. It comes in a 30ml sleek white plastic squeeze tube with a flip open cap. Convenient and good for travelling!

Next, this sunscreen has a mixture of both physical and chemical filters (including the L'Oreal patented Mexoryl SX™ and Mexoryl XL™ ) as well as Vitamin E to help condition the skin and protect the skin from free radical damage. I attempted to read and understand the ingredients list (I'm no expert, really) and I found that Titanium Dioxide is the only physical sunscreen filter present - low chances of getting the horrid white cast on the face! 

Underlined the physical sunscreen filter for ya in red.
Texture wise, I really do enjoy this sunscreen. It is not too thick in consistency and blends really well on the skin. It does not feel heavy on the skin either, which is definitely a plus! In hot and humid climates like Singapore, a thick and heavy sunscreen is a huge no-no for me. I will usually apply my makeup after and it does not affect the blendability of the foundation nor its lasting power too. YASSS. 
Freshly squeezed out of the tube

Slightly blended out. Can you guys see the lightweight texture? 

Fully blended in!
Yes, that's my very manly hand. The veins though, can we talk about it?

This has a slight sunscreen scent to it, if you know what I mean, but it isn't as overpowering as many that I've tried. Another plus point.

Lastly, I did not break out at all from this sunscreen. Raise them hands up and can I get a hallelujah. I will ALWAYS break out from sunscreens as my skin is one picky sensitive *ahem* bitch. I was bracing myself for bumps or pimples but nope, got nothing and boy was I glad. 

This sunscreen has SPF 50 (for UVB rays) and a PA ++++ (for UVA rays). Really good sun protection! 

30ml of this sunscreen retails for SGD$52.

Overall, I really do enjoy this sunscreen and have been using it religiously everyday! Gotta protect this skin of mine. It may seem slightly pricey but I do think it is a worthwhile investment for ultimate sun protection! If you can afford it, I highly recommend this!

Rating: 4/5

Hope this review was helpful for you and thanks for dropping by!


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