Get A Quick And Easy Facial Experience At Home With Panasonic

By Sarah - Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Hi everyone!

Recently, Beautybyrah was announced as one of the top 10 best beauty blog finalists via the Singapore Blog Awards 2015! I am super excited and really thankful. Being less than 2 years old, Beautybyrah was created to share my thoughts about various beauty products with the world and I am elated that it is good enough to be recognized! 

Back to the topic today, which is how you can get a quick and easy facial experience at the comfort of your home! As a finalist, I was loaned a few Panasonic beauty care items to experiment with and I decided to share with you how I use the Panasonic Warming Facial and Body Roller and the Facial Cool Putter today! 

Firstly, let's get some details about these 2 products, shall we.

Warming Facial and Body Roller

This roller comes with two heads (squeezing roller and the stroking roller) which are interchangeable and is heated, with 2 levels of temperature control.

These heads will rotate manually via the action of you rolling in on your face or specific body part whereas the warmth from the heads are achieved manually.

Ultimately, this roller is to massage your face as well as various parts of your body such as neck, arms, and calves. There are 4 benefits proposed from using this roller for massage, namely firmer, brighter, smoother and more supple skin. The extent of truth in these claims, I cannot guarantee as I assume a longer period of using this product would be required, along with the discipline and time to do it everyday. 

Facial Cool Putter

This product is meant to instantly cool and tighten the skin, with temperatures on the metal contact surface (which is specially treated with weak acid to prevent any incidences of metal allergy) reaching about 15 degrees once switched on.

The ergonomic shape of the metal contact surface enables you to use it on wider parts of your face (such as the cheeks, chin and forehead) as well as the narrow and harder to reach areas such as the sides of the nose.

For purpose of this post, I decided to perform these products on my mother and treat her to a little home facial! She was being slightly unwilling and shy to be my model but with the promise of my facial she wearily said yes (grudgingly too). 

Now, I'm no beauty aesthetician so this is just my take on a facial. 

Ok, let's begin! 

1. On a cleansed face and using the stroking roller,start by using the face roller upwards from the jaw to the cheekbone (I did it 10 times).

2. Roll the product from the tip of the nose to the ears in a horizontal fashion (10 times)

3. Roll the product from the edge of the nose to the temple along the cheekbone (10 times)

4. Roll the product from the hair line to the top of the eyebrow (10 times)

5. Roll the the product from the hair line to the middle of the eyebrows (10 times). My mother loved this step!

6. I switched to the squeezing roller and started rolling from the chin to the end of the ear (20 times).

After, I applied her daily serums and moisturiser. The slightly heated face roller aids in preparation of the skin for optimal absorption of skin care products as it opens up the pores slightly.

Next, I took the cool putter and gently pressed it onto her skin, focusing on the nose area. The cool temperature of about 10 degrees helps to close the pores and seal in the benefits of the skin care products used!

I mostly glided the Cool Putter along the skin slowly and gently around the face. 

Overall, these products do intrigue me (especially the cool putter, which is lovely for these hot and humid days)! These are a good size, feel comfortable in the hand and aren't too large to travel with either. 

The Panasonic Warming Facial and Body Roller retails for SGD$189 and the Panasonic  Facial Cool Putter retails for SGD$129. 

Thanks for reading and dropping by! XO. 

Disclaimer:  These products were loaned to me but it did not affect my review nor thoughts. Keeping it real, my friends. 

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  1. Super great Product, loving it a lot. It’s super easy and since the appliance is so portable, I can do it any time, any where, even in my office, in my car, while watching my favorite Korean drama on the computer screen.. I get the gist. What’s more..


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