Quick Pictorial | Purple Halo Smokey Eye using Colourpop Cosmetics and Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette

By Sarah - Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Hey guys!

I've posted this a while back on my instagram but I figured I can give more details here for ya and make it easier to recreate this look if you would like to.

I used two Colourpop Cosmetics Shadows for this look and I gotta say, these shadows are truly amazing and reallly worth the USD$5! Texture is unlike no other and the pigmentation is superb. I also used some shadows from the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette for transition and brow bone shades as well.\

Swatches of the Colourpop shades used! 

I love doing a halo smokey eye as it gives the illusion of your eyes being rounder and larger! Also, it is super simple to accomplish.

Alright, following the colour of the dots in the picture above :

Light blue : Salted Caramel (TF) 
Gorgeous warm toned transition shade to add some warmth and depth to the crease as well as to help the shadows we apply on the mobile lid to blend easier.

Yellow : Cricket (CP)
A super gorgeous deep purple with tons of shimmer. Place this in the inner 1/3 and outer 1/3 of your mobile eye lid to create a halo effect.

Green : Sequin (CP)
Sequin is a warm toned reddish orange with shimmer and is probably my favourite colourpop shade so far! Apply this on the middle of the mobile lid to complete the halo effect and make the centre of the lid pop!

Red : Meow (CP)
I'm so sad that Colourpop decided to discontinue this shade! If you don't own this, any shimmery silver would do the trick. Apply this in your inner corner to make the eyes appear larger (especially with all the darker shadows going on on the lid!).

Dark Blue: Champagne Truffle (TF) 
I love a matte brow bone sometimes and since this look is so dramatic and shimmery already, I figured why not add more shimmer to the brow bone! Champagne truffle is a really pretty cool toned champagne shade with slight purple undertones.

Hope this quick pictorial helps you in some way! Just remember, any eye look is possible as long as you keep experimenting and keep blending! XO.

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