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By Sarah - Sunday, June 21, 2015

Hi all!

Today I'm back and ready to share my thoughts regarding the SANA Esteny Body Brightener! 

This product is meant to brighten up dull spots on the skin and to even out the skin colour. This body brightener is rich in moisture with 5 plant-based* and 2 moisturising ingredients (hyaluronic acid and Ceramide) as well as containing the active ingredient of High Purity Arbutin to aid in skin brightening as it penetrates into the skin layer to reduce dark spots from within. 

*The 5 plant based ingredients are: 
Camomile extract
Rose hip oil
Saxifrage extract
Olive leaf extract
Enzymatic decomposition products of prune

It comes in a 50g tube, which makes application hygienic and hassle free. There is a slight floral scent which I really enjoy as it is not too strong nor overpowering. The formula is very lightweight as well, and absorbs into the skin really quickly, leaving no sticky residue behind.


I've been using it for about 3 weeks now on my knees, elbows and underarms as I do experience skin dullness and rough texture in those areas. 

Off the bat, after a few uses, I noticed that the skin in those areas became much smoother and less rough, especially on my knees. I have dry skin and my knees are probably the roughest parts on my body due to all the dry patches. After using this body brightener, I did find that these dry and rough patches were significantly reduced. The skin on my elbows and underarms do feel slightly smoother too, but not as drastic as the knees. Thus, the claims of its moisturising properties and the result of smoother skin texture does hold true. 

Them knees.
Hope you can see the difference in terms of skin texture and dullness!

Regarding its whitening effects, I do see that my knees are slightly less dull. No clear deductions can be made regarding the elbows and underarms yet. Now, I am not one who suffers from ashy-ness on the elbows and knees but I'm sure that such would be reduced over time with this product. I mostly experience dullness and scarring (on the knees) and this would take a longer time to be reduced with a topical product application. I'll definitely keep using this and will update here once I finish the entire tube to see if the product really manages to brighten up my skin over a longer period of time. 

Simply apply this to dull areas twice a day! You can apply this on your bikini line as well if you would like, as many women do face uneven skin texture in that area as well (besides the knees, elbows and underarms). However, I do suggest a patch test before applying it to your bikini line if you tend to have sensitive skin. 

This retails for SGD$18.90 in local John Little Departmental Stores and SASA Singapore. 

Hope this review was helpful in some way and thank you for dropping by! XO.

Disclaimer:  This product was sent to me but it did not affect my review nor thoughts. Keeping it real, my friends. 

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