Day 3 in Tokyo | Imperial Palace, Tsukiji Fish Market and Asakusa!

By Sarah - Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Day 3 in Japan! Woke up super early today as we plan to explore tons of different places! 

First thing bright and early, we headed to the Imperial Palace Gardens! Look at how still the water is. 

 This is the famous Nijubashi bridge! Too pretty and serene!

Admission to the gardens was free. Just make sure you keep this admission ticket safe while you explore the huge garden!

Or at least, we think it was a Yuzu tree
Our goal (upon looking at the map) was to find the bamboo gardens so we were on our way. Despite it being a famous tourist spot, there was not too many people around, which was really nice! The air was fresh and the we had all the green space to ourselves! Ps. We saw a Yuzu tree on our way to the bamboo gardens!

Sadly, the bamboo gardens was not on par with our expectations. The bamboo gardens was meagre so I suggest spending your time somewhere else in the garden!

Picture of some bamboos to make the painful journey worth it.

My feet were dying you guys. It was not a smart decision to wear Rubi flats :(. My friend had to pull me around with her umbrella as I was limping really badly! (Old couples passed us like the wind)

No more. 

Next, we headed to the Tsukiji Market! It is a large wholesale market for fish, fruits and vegetables in Central Toyko and apparently known as one of the world's largest fish markets!

Gotta get myself some onigiri
Stopped for a 100 Yen Tomagoyaki snack! Really good. 
In Japan, we realised that it is rude to walk and eat/drink so customers would usually crowd around the food store to consume their food before heading off again! This is also probably why Japan is so clean too, if you ask me. Rubbish bins are rarely (if ever) in sight and are mostly present near food stores or vending machines.

 Best Yakiniku don ever. On our way back to the metro station, we noticed a long queue at a food store and once we saw what people are eating, of course we joined the queue. Were we hungry? Nope. But will we eat? YES.

One thing to note is that most menus are in Japanese, so every order you make is a gamble if you don't understand Japanese. I know a little mandarin and could recognise the character for beef, so we got lucky here! This awesome bowl of juicy yakiniku beef only cost about 690 Yen and the kind lady provided us with free tea! It was also an interesting experience to eat this along the side of the main road. 

Next, we headed to Asakusa for the Nakamise market and the famous Sensoji temple! 

The weather was not the best, as it was drizzling all day everyday! Hence, our experience of Tokyo also involved a swarm of open umbrellas everywhere. It was a challenge to navigate around the crowds when everyone has an umbrella open, if you can imagine! 

The Nakamise Market has tons of food and souvenirs available, but I heard that the prices are much higher since it is an area catering mostly to tourists! Apparently, this shopping street has a history of several centuries!
The gate of the Sensoji Temple! 
The Sensoji temple is known to be the oldest temple in Tokyo (built in 645!). It was really colourful and well maintained, despite its history.

I heard that visitors are sometimes allowed to enter the main hall, but unfortunately for us, the doors were closed on this day! 

On our way back to the metro station, we decided to treat ourselves with some goodies. Here you see a fried doughnut. They had a variety of flavours and I got myself sweet potato (now thinking back, I am questioning my choice - why sweet potato?? I think I panicked and ordered the first item I saw!). 

It was alright. Didn't blow my mind.

Managed to sneak in some beautiful ladies in their kimonos! 
I also had the best taiyaki ever - but couldn't find any photos! I think I was too engrossed with my chocolate banana taiyaki that I forgot to take any :(. So if anyone here is planning to drop by, go check out the Taiyaki store (it's located in the sheltered part of the shopping street)!!

We also had ice cream! I was watching a vlog on Tokyo sometime back and she had ice cream from this shop and I made a mental note to drop by!

This double scoop was only 400 Yen!
I got Rum & Raisin (left) and Pistachio and Raspberry (right). 

Tofu flavoured ice cream!! Wasn't feeling adventurous today.
Today was such an eventful day that we decided to buy random food goodies from the convenience stores (Lawson and 7-11) for dinner and crash in our hotel. I decided to try ramen maggi mee! It wasn't too bad for instant noodles.

Hope these travel posts are enjoyable for you to read and that it was useful in some way if you're planning a trip to Japan! I decided to post these as I'm afraid that I would personally forget all my Tokyo adventures!

Update soon! XO. 

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