Day 1 in Japan | My Day Trip to Fuji Five Lakes!

By Sarah - Wednesday, July 15, 2015

This post is different such that no makeup or beauty products are involved but I thought to quickly share the images and blog a little here, for my own memory as well as to share with you guys my experience of the amazing Fujisan! 

On the 2nd and 3rd July, my friend and I made a trip to Fuji Five Lakes region (Fujigoko) in Japan to see the famous Mount Fuji and to escape the hustle and bustle of urban life for a while. 

We took a train from the Narita Airport to Fujisan (it roughly took about 3 hours, with the need to change trains twice! I believed it cost us about 3000 Yen). The scenery on the way to Fujisan was amazing - so peaceful and tranquil! 

We finally arrived at the Fujisan station (where our hotel is! The main station would be Kawaguchiko where the main lake and shops are!). Look at that Thomas and Friends train! We were so excited to take pictures of this train that we neglected to see the awesome view of Mount Fuji right behind us. Not a proud moment. 

Got a glimpse of Mount Fuji on our way from back from our hotel to the Fujisan train station! The weather was really good this evening and we were pretty lucky to be able to see it without much cloud cover! 

Hi Monica!
We decided to take a bus from Fujisan to the main area of Lake Kawaguchiko (260 Yen) but I highly recommend to just take the train instead as it is much faster and more convenient. 

Now let's just take a few moments to acknowledge this view. 
No camera can do it justice but I tried. This view literally took my breath away! 

There were tons of lavender flowers on the sides of the roads! I've never seen real lavender flowers before so this was really exciting! The scent was amazing too! (We might have plucked a few, oops). 
We walked to the Hydrangea gardens along the lake. These flowers - too pretty! 

Mount Fuji! 

Shameless selfie with Mount Fuji! I had to hahaha.

There was literally almost no one in sight this evening! The shops were closed as well. Where did everyone go?? It still boggles me till now. 

Really thankful for the weather that day as there was actually sun! The rest of the days in Japan were cloudy and rainy. Thus, we were really lucky to be able to enjoy the magnificent view of Lake Kawaguchiko and Mount Fuji! The still water, the backdrop of the mountains and the fresh air - truly a breath taking experience. The absence of any tourists (or anyone, really) made the whole experience even more wonderful. It was the ultimate escape from the crowds and urban landscape of Singapore! 

We wanted to climb Mount Fuji the next day but sadly, the weather didn't agree with us and it was pouring. Thus, we decided to head to Tokyo earlier and explore there instead! I'll post pictures of Tokyo soon (man, there are TONS)! 

Update soon!XO. 

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