My Hypoxi Experience

By Sarah - Friday, July 17, 2015

Hey all! 

Recently, I dropped by Hypoxi at Lorong Telok to try out one session of their Dermology and Vacunault! 

Located at a 5-10 minutes walk from Raffles Place Mrt Station, it is very convenient to get to, especially if you are working near town or the CBD area!

Hypoxi is appointment based only, so there is no waiting time for the machines (like in the gym!). Once you get there, you change up and you're all ready to go. I heard from my trainer that many working women love to drop by during their lunch break as the entire session would take up only 50 minutes. 

So what exactly is Hypoxi? I've never heard about it until recently and was really intrigued. Apparently, celebrities such as Victoria Beckham, Cheryl Cole, Madonna and Simon Cowell (this is probably how he manages to keep wearing that tight black shirt of his) utilise Hypoxi, so I was like, yes please. 

Hypoxi is basically a targeted figure shaping program which concentrates on the problem areas (via targeted metabolic stimulation) during a light workout. 

Catering to both males and females, Hypoxi targets areas such as the stomach and hips, as well as the legs and buttocks. Its effects include improved blood circulation, accelerated fat metabolism and the detoxification of connective tissue. This is because fat burns more readily in parts of the body that have stronger blood circulation as blood is the medium through which fatty acids are transported during exercise. Fat will tend to deposit in areas where blood circulation is poor and would be much harder to eliminate (thus, the various targeted areas which Hypoxi focuses on as Hypoxi focuses on strongly stimulating the blood circulation in these problem areas). 

There are 3 elements to the Hypoxi-Method, namely Vacuum Therapy, Compression Therapy and Fat Burning Exercise. 

Firstly, I was up for the Hypoxi-Dermology treatment which lasted for 20 minutes. It was truly an experience I've never had before! I had to wear a huge black suit (pictured below - named the HD-PressureSuit) and subsequently, tubes would be attached to the suit to result in the application of low and high pressure onto the skin.

It was not painful nor uncomfortable, but for first timers to cupping, the sensation was indeed fascinating. The suit has 400 cupping chambers that will work on the targeted areas such as the stomach and the thighs, while alternating between positive and negative pressure. It felt like a giant octopus was grabbing my body (but in an odd, soothing kind of way - I hope you get my drift!). 

Next, I got to try out the S120 Training Machine for 30 minutes as I wanted to target my stomach and legs! This machine, like the Dermology, alternates between negative and positive pressure with moderate exercise. 
My Coach, Nor and I! 

As you can see from the images, the lower half of my body was enclosed in an airtight vacuum alternating pressure chamber. In this chamber, the therapy is applied in order to stimulate circulation in the problem areas. Inside the chamber, there are pedals (like those bicycles in the gym) so I was happily pedalling away, even though you can't see it. 

Don't mind the old school tee!
If you look closely, you'll notice that there is a black attachment on my stomach area (under the wordings ACJC) - that will compress and relax during the entire 30 minutes to alternate the negative and positive pressure in the chamber! It actually feels really nice when it compresses against all the fats in my tummy hahaha - like squeeze em' out please. 

Attached right infront of me was this screen that updates me on my pulse and heartrate! According to my trainer, the therapy would be best for me if my RPM (Rotations Per Min) was around 75-80 (this was calculated using my BMI!). As you can see from the image above, your girl was on point. 

After this session, I was advised to drink only water for the next 2 hours and then have a meal rich in protein after. 

Overall, this was truly a first as I've never encountered such innovative fitness and cool machines before. The whole idea of blood circulation and fatty deposits make so much sense to me now, as I've been doing my Jillian Michaels 30 day shred for ages and this tummy ain't really going down. I also love how it was non-invasive and that the trainers were really friendly and comfortable to be around.  There was no waiting time for the machines as well, and the entire therapy took an hour (including changing time and all) so definitely something to consider if you're always in a rush! 

For more information regarding Hypoxi, click here!

Thank you so much to Hypoxi for having me! 

Hope this post was helpful in some way and thanks for dropping by like always!XO. 

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