Quick Pictorial | Blue Smokey Eye With BH Cosmetics Eyes To The '80s Palette

By Sarah - Saturday, July 04, 2015

Hey everyone! 

I did a super easy blue smokey eye using the BH Cosmetics Eyes To The '80s Eyeshadow Palette and wanted to share it with you.

As per other quick pictorials, following the colour of the dots :

Yellow: Matte cool toned brown into the crease

Green : Matte cream shade for a brow bone highlight

Red : Apply a matte blue onto the lid first as a base to intensify the blue (Red 1) and then apply the shimmery matte blue over it (Red 2)

Blue: Add the dark blue-black shade into the outer V to add depth

Purple: Apply the shimmery champagne shade into the inner corner to brighten up the eyes

I've been enjoying this look recently and have been wearing it out! Hopefully this quick pictorial was useful for you in some way!

For my Singaporean readers, I got this palette off here! 

Thanks for reading and have a great day ahead! XO.

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