Review | Ruby Wing Colour Changing Nail Polish in Tide

By Sarah - Sunday, July 19, 2015

Hi everyone! Today I wanted to share my thoughts regarding the Ruby Wing Colour Changing Nail Polish in the shade Tide. 

I've tried colour changing nail polishes before and they always disappoint as the colour change is close to negligible, or you can only see a difference if you stick your hand into the freezer for 5 minutes (which I actually did). 

With not much expectations, I tried this on and I gotta say, I'm liking it quite a lot. 

Painting the nails was really easy as the nail polish glided onto the nails well. Even though it is a glittery shade, the formulation is not too chunky or "gloopy". 

Tide is a really pretty and classy shade - clear peachy base with tons of fine blue, red and green glitter. I wore this nail polish for my commencement ceremony as I really do enjoy the glitter and how it looks on the nails. Outdoors, the nail polish would change to a darker and deeper peach base (almost reddish orange) and the change is definitely noticeable. 

This nail polish is made with SolarActive Technology that enables each shade to change dramatically in direct sunlight and then back again once indoors. 

Image taken outdoors in the shade.
Please pardon the chipped nails!
Notice the colour change!
The lasting power of the nail polish isn't fantastic, so I highly recommend adding a top coat above (do not be lazy like me!). I missed that step out the first time and the nails were pretty chipped at the end of the day after bathing and washing my hair!

There is a large range of Ruby Wing Colour Changing nail polishes available so you can definitely find a shade that you would like!

For my Singaporean readers, it retails for SGD$15.90 which you can check out here. 
For my international readers, it retails for USD$10 which you can check out here.

Overall, I do like how the nail polish applies and how the colour change is actually noticeable without any effort required. It's an interesting concept and would definitely be worth a try for nail polish lovers out there!

Rating: 3.5/5

Hope this post was helpful in some way and thank you for dropping by! XO.

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