Ultra High Speed Lift - Histolift at HKC Plaza Korean Skin Aesthetic Experience

By Sarah - Sunday, July 12, 2015

Hi everyone!

Recently, I was warmly invited to HKC Plaza's opening at Tanjong Pagar Plaza and had the pleasure to try out their popular Histolift  Ultra High Speed Lift Treatment.

Located at a stone's throw from Tanjong Pagar Mrt Station, it is very convenient and easy to get to!

At HKCplaza Korea Skin Aesthetic, the advisers, therapists, professionals are all born and bred from Korea! So instead of having to travel to South Korea for skin treatments, we can have access to cost effectiveness treatments right here in Singapore. The treatments are specially designed for Singaporeans, taking into consideration our hot and humid environment and weather conditions!

Before the treatment, I had the pleasure to sit down with the therapist where she explained the treatment procedure, what products would be used and their benefits.

Bascially, Histolift Ultra High Speed Lifting is a popular treatment that is offered in Korea, and is a non-invasive program that delivers 7-in-1 instant results using 6 natural berries, 8 Korean herbs and 8 certified organic plants. The 7 results include : Lifting, Whitenening, Brightening, Tightening, Moisturising, Pore Minimising and Reduction of wrinkles. 
Image taken from the HKC Plaza site
I had to fill up a form to indicate my skin type as well, so as to ensure that the specialists will use products (from the Histolift range) that are best suited for my skin. Since my skin is oily but dehydrated, Histolab's Water-Max Hydrating range would work best on me!

Their spa rooms are a good size, with 2 beds each (so you and your buddy can enjoy the various treatments at the same time!).

I had the pleasure to be pampered by Xiao Mi, who was really friendly and easy going, making the whole experience much more comfortable.

First, she took off my makeup and cleansed the skin using Histolab's Water-Max cleanser. She was extremely gentle which was a plus.

Following that, she did a stem peel to soften and remove the dead skin cells. As my skin is not too sensitive, she used AHAs for my skin (but they would use BHAs if you have sensitive skin as it is more gentle). It stung a little but that is pretty normal for any kind of chemical peels. If you feel a burning sensation, that's when you have to alert the therapist!

My skin felt really soft after the stem peel! My therapist then proceeded to apply a tightening face mask. I could actually feel the tightening effect of the mask after it was applied! Unlike many facials I went for where the specialist would leave the room during the 20-30 minutes for the face mask to do its magic, at HKC, I got a really relaxing shoulder and back massage! I was thoroughly enjoying it as it felt so good! She used a lavender massage oil and lavender is my favourite scent after all. I was literally in bliss, guys.

After 20-30 minutes, she removed the face mask and proceeded to extraction. My threshold for pain is not the best and she recognised that, so she went much gentler on me! (My body would scrunch up in pain whenever I undergo extraction, it's embarrassing I know.)

Lastly, she applied a hyaluronic serum on my face, followed by moisturising using Histolab's Water-Max Hydrating Moisturiser (a really lightweight moisturiser which I really love! Review on that is coming up soon!).

Overall, this facial was really soothing and enjoyable. The massage was fantastic! My skin felt so much smoother and tighter as well. It looked a little more radiant as well (I have dull skin so I'm impressed). Upon closer inspection, I noticed my pores around my nose were not as visible as before too!  As for reduction of wrinkles, I did not have much (yet) to begin with so I can't share with you my thoughts on that!

For more information regarding this treatment, click here! 

For first timers, you can try out this treatment at a special price of $88! Usual price is $228 (if I'm not wrong!) so it is a really good deal!

hope you enjoyed reading this and thank you for dropping by! XO.

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