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By Sarah - Thursday, September 17, 2015

Please pardon my manly feet! Hahaha.
I was super thrilled to arrive at the Nice airport. I've always seen images of Nice on Instagram and always made a mental note to drop by as the beach seemed like absolute paradise! And it was.

Got to the beach early in the morning! Rare sight where the beach is actually pretty empty. 
The sound of the water crashing against the shore, tons of people sun bathing (sometimes topless), the sky and just the whole atmosphere was amazing. It was really peaceful and relaxing. In addition, this was my first time on a beach where there was absolutely no sand! It was filled with tons of pebbles instead!

P.S. I bought a chocolate brioche bun for breakfast from a nearby bakery and nibbled on it while enjoying the scenery! Attempting to be French hahaha.

Had to take a selfie. You can see the pebbles behind me! (And possibly an old man or a topless old woman. Hmm)
I just realised that there was a topless lady in the background. HAHAHA. 
To get a better view,we climbed up La Colline du Château which was at the end of the beach. 
After tons of steps and mad panting, we got to the top and the panoramic view from above was 

We walked around at the top of La Colline 
du Château and there were more amazing views to be taken in!

Look at the sky!

Nice had many little winding and quaint streets! I definitely love the rustic and antique feel of Vieux Ville, which was the Old Town area. There were tons of shops here selling handmade French soap - which smelt incredible! I bought a Lavender one and let me tell you, once you place this bar of soap into your bag, your clothes are going to soak up that wonderful lavender fragrance! My clothes smelt lovely.   

There were tons of food options as well and we were spoiled for choice. However, we noticed that many shops were selling socca which piqued our curiosity. Of course we got one to try. Ultimately, socca is a thin crepe made out of chickpea flour. We didn't know this (as we only googled after) and I thought it was just a mashed potato pancake as it really tasted like potatoes, in my opinion! I forgot to take a photo of how it looks like as we were starving and kinda tore into it immediately. 

Along our walk down the Promenade du Paillon, which is a gorgeous stretch of greenery, I noticed this building and I thought it was a club house of some sort. Turns out, it is a public school for secondary and higher education! The architecture is stunning though. 

Just some more random snippets of Nice while exploring! We got kind of lost so I can't really pin point where these images were taken, apologies!

At the end of the day, we decided a swim in the French Rivera was absolutely necessary. So we did. It was possibly one of my best experiences so far! The water is extremely salty so be careful not to get it into your nose (ain't easy when the waves hit!) as it hurts like bitch. Also, pile on that sunscreen! I got about 3-4 shades darker despite spraying on some before! 


Since we pretty much explored the main areas of Nice yesterday, we decided a day trip to Monaco was the right thing to do! It wasn't difficult to get there either, simply take bus 100 from the port and you'll reach Monaco in about 50 minutes to an hour. It wasn't terribly expensive either, I believe it was less than 5 Euros each. 

The scenery on the bus trip though - *raises hands to the heavens*. 

The temperature hit 37 degrees and I felt my soul melt away. It wasn't made any better as we had climb up to get to the top! 

Ok but this view - the climbing was worth it.

I did find the architecture here to be pretty modern (but not anything like our typical urban landscapes) and the palm trees all around just completed the whole atmosphere. It felt all posh and fancy (yet chill), if you know what I mean lol. 

It was so hot that my ice cream started melting within mere seconds! 
Look at that humongous mountain behind!
We totally forgot about the Monte Carlo Casino so we actually wore our flip flops! What a waste. I
just remembered placing comfort over anything else. We attempted to enter the Casino but was sadly stopped by one of the men guarding the doors haha. Disappointed, we just walked around and admired all the really expensive cars instead.

I totally forgot to photograph this, but one aspect of France that you should explore would be its perfumeries! We didn't get a chance to go to one, but we visited Fragonard, which is a French store selling its own perfumes and various scents made at their very own perfumeries in Grasse, Nice, Eze and more. I treated myself to a 30ml Eau de Parfum and it only cost me 30 Euros! Definitely go check this shop out if you should drop by France! I saw their stores in Paris as well, and some counters in the airports. 

Last thing to add, we had dinner at the Boulangerie de la Cathédrale / La Rossettisserie (8 Rue Mascoinat06300 NiceFrance) and it was the best roasted chicken I've ever had in my life. Life
(But I do not have images of that as... I forgot because I just kinda dug into it. I'm sorry!). The roasted meats here are just...tender, moist and pure YAAAS PLEASE. 

Roasted veal with ratatouille. 14.90 Euros
(The plate behind was roasted beef - also 14.90 Euros)
The image is slightly shaky as  I was too excited to eat!

I know, you're like that ain't roasted chicken. As you can see from the images above, I ordered roasted veal. First. It was delicious too, don't get me wrong. However, as I was eating, and since my seat was diagonally opposite the kitchen, I saw the handsome chef constantly heating the chicken up on the grill. My self control got weak. and weaker. And I ordered a plate of roast chicken. No regrets. 2 main courses did make my food coma tremendously bad after though hahaha. 
P.S. The roasted chicken was 13.90 Euros.  

Flew off to Paris the next morning and will post more about my trip there soon! XO.

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