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By Sarah - Wednesday, September 02, 2015


Time to head to Prague! Got on the train at Berlin HBF and arrived at Prague Hlavni Nadrazi train station (main train station).

Now a little tip. Prague uses Koruna (CZK) for most exhanges. However, in old town and other touristy areas, euros are generally accepted too. I thought the best option was to exchange my SGD to CZK as I would lose less since it was only one conversion (instead of EUR to CZK as I thought that would incur losses from two conversions). However, the rate was not good at all and my rate was extremely horrible. My friend exchanged EUR to CZK and her rate was much better, so I recommend just doing that if your home country's currency isn't too popular. Also, one more important thing, do not exchange money in the train station if you can as the commission rates here are insane (19% I believe). If you walk outside for about 5-10 minutes, you can definitely find a money changer which does not charge commission.

Ok enough on money matters! Our hotel was pretty far from old town as it was located around Prague 5 (Old town is Prague 1). Took a tram (it was fairly easy as the stops are displayed) and it took about 15 minutes to get there!

Prague's accomodation is pretty affordable as well (cheapest out of my entire Europe trip!), and we got a pretty large room considering the price we paid.

Headed back to Old Town to see the astronomical clock! It chimed at 8pm and it was pretty cool.

Yeah this was 8pm!
The buildings in the Old Town area also have really interesting architectures and designs. I always enjoy taking a slow walk around and admiring how unique and different each of the individual buildings are.

One dish that I had to eat in Prague was their bread dumplings so I got myself a roasted duck with bread dumplings for dinner. (I'm craving it whilst typing this)


Woke up bright and early and headed to the Prague Castle and St. Vitus Cathedral! Not gonna lie, the climb up was intense! The view at the top was pretty darn worth it though. You get to see majority of Prague from here!

To be honest, the Prague Castle isn't the typical castle that I was expecting (I was thinking of those in the UK or something) and it wasn't before we were in it that we realised we were. The St. Vitus Cathedral was in the the centre, with the castle (pretty modern architecture) surrounding it. The cathedral's architecture was stunning!

One more treat in Prague that you have to try would be the Trdelnik. This is made from rolled dough that is wrapped around a stick, then subsequently grilled and topped with various toppings such as cinnamon and sugar.

On our climb up to the castle, we past by this shop where they freshly make it infront of you so we made a mental note to go in on our descent. I think we got too excited that I totally forgot to take note of the name of the cafe! However, when you make your way up the long steep slopes to the castle, there is only one shop selliing the Trdelnik so it should be pretty easy to find! I had a Trdelnik with maple syrup and pecans and a cauliflower soup (which was really delicious! I craved this a multiple times after). These cost me a total of 135 CZK.

Then we decided to paddle boat! I've been super excited about this after seeing someone do it during her vlog. We got a paddle boat for 180 Czk for an hour which was decently priced! The prices vary for the paddle boats so I suggest you taking a walk around to compare prices if you're on a tight budget! Paddling along the Vlata river was pretty cool. You get to see the sights along the river and it was really scenic and peaceful. Being this close to water further adds a notch to the tranquillity of this entire experience.

Look at the view! 

Starving (of course) after all that paddling, I dropped by Andel (which is a shopping area near our hotel) and got the largest hot dog ever. Of life. No kidding. This was only 45 CZK and boy was it good. Now looking at the picture, I can't believe I ate that entire thing! Went to bed with definitely a full and happy tummy.

Ain't that hotdog huge though? Got it from the hotdog truck pictured behind!


Last day in Prague so we decided to take things slower and head over to Petrin park. There was more climbing to be done.

Petrin park was really peaceful as there are tons of tall trees and windy mud roads that would take you far away from typical urban city life. There is also the Petrin Lookout Tower (which kinda reminds me of the Eiffel) which you can climb all the way to admire the gorgeous view of Prague.

We found a whole area with apple and pear trees! I've never seen apple trees before so I was pretty psyched. Got too excited and plucked an apple. It was terribly bitter. Probably because it wasn't ripe yet hahahaha. That was an experience though!

As we were heading back to our hotel, we passed by a store where we saw two tourists attempting to cut the largest pork knuckle I've ever seen. Too intrigued (and suddenly hungry), we were like why not? So we ordered the 1kg pork knuckle to share. Man, was this huge. It wasn't crispy at all though, which was disappointing.

Our last stop had to be Charles Bridge! This bridge has tons of statues along it and we specially went to one - that of St. John of Nepomuk. Apparently, touching this statue would bring along good luck (which we felt that I really needed, considering the chain of events that occured to me within the past 2 weeks). So, we had to touch the falling priest on the plaque (and not that of the dog and the queen! which we stupidly did on the first day haha. This is why we're back).

Me smiling thinking there is some good luck to be had. Wrong plaque guys, touch the one on the right (behind me).

Me and another hotdog. Too many hotdogs to be had....
So with our new found good luck, we went back to pack and got ready to fly to Barcelona the next morning. Long story short, our plane got cancelled (and they only told us that it was 3 hours after it should have departed!) and we got stuck in the airport for 10 hours, trying to figure out another route to Barcelona. Where the good luck at???

The earliest reroute flight we could get was 2 days later in the morning. Luckily, Vueling airlines ain't that shitty and they covered our accommodation for these 2 stranded nights at the airport. We got to stay in Marriot Courtyard though (as with all the other passengers on the cancelled flights - yes, our flight wasn't the only one cancelled) so that was the fun part. So we lost 2 days in Barcelona, which was pretty disappointing as I was super excited for Barcelona since I have not been before. However, we took these days to rest and recharge for more intense sightseeing in the cities that we're heading to next!

Until then, will update soon! XO.

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