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By Sarah - Tuesday, October 27, 2015

We all know the beauty and hype of banana powders, especially when Kim Kardashian's contouring and highlighting routine took the makeup world by storm. If you are new to this term, banana powders are basically a setting powder with a yellow tinge to it.

Banana powders are meant for brightening up the complexion as the yellow pigments help to illuminate the skin and offset any redness / purplish tints to the skin. It also works lovely as a setting powder for those with warmer skin tones. My favourite way to use banana powders is to set my concealer under the eyes as it ensures minimal creasing and it really does brighten that area up! Of course, the most famous banana powder has to be from Ben Nye.

Recently, I got introduced to the Sacha Cosmetics Buttercup Powder from Makeupbudget and was extremely excited to try it out. This comes in a tub with a sifter like many other loose powders out there in the market. I like to dispense a little by little into the cap and then proceed to use it from there. A little tip here, try not to tear out the entire sticker covering the holes of the sifter as it can get pretty messy if you do! I tore out about half and it gives me more control over dispensing the powder.

The powder does have a yellowish tinge to it, but not as bright yellow as some other banana powders that I have encountered. This is more of a camel-yellow, if that makes any sense. The powder is soft, finely milled and applies really nicely onto the skin. It looks really natural as you rarely get the cakey look due to it being really finely milled! I do like how it kind of melts into the skin upon application, rather than just sitting atop.

I do find that this powder does an amazing job at keeping my oily skin at bay! My skin stays matte for a good 6 to 7 hours and that is truly incredible for my standard. It also sets my makeup beautifully, without looking anywhere near cakey.

I have tried using this under my eyes and I have to say that I am not too huge a fan. Due to its yellowish tinge being a tad duller than most banana powders, I do find that it does not brighten up my undereyes as much as I would like it to (it can look a little sallow). It would, however, do an amazing job of brightening on darker skin tones!

Hence, I use the banana powder from my Australis AC On Tour palette for that very purpose. However, I am addicted to using this Sacha Buttercup powder for setting my face makeup everyday! The finish is matte, yet very natural due to its finely milled texture. I do not notice any flashback in flash photography when using this as well.

Overall, this powder is amazing for anyone with oily skin as it really does aid in oil control brilliantly. In my opinion, it probably works the best for those of darker skin tones due to its duller yellow tinge. Despite that, the yellow tinge makes it great for warmer skin tones so I highly recommend this powder to everyone!

Rating: 4/5

You can purchase the Sacha Cosmetics Buttercup Powder at SGD$39.90 here. 

Thanks for dropping by and I really hope this review was helpful in some way! Xo.

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