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By Sarah - Sunday, November 29, 2015

Cleansing brushes have been increasingly popular lately and I definitely love to jump on that bandwagon. With the hefty price tag of the Clarasonic, I went for the more affordable option of the Olay Pro-X Cleansing System. Recently, I was introduced to another cleansing brush, the 3-D IQueen Secret Brush. Instead of a rotating brush head, this cleansing brush has a semi-permanent anti-microbial silicon brush head that vibrates.

My first impression upon receiving this brush was how pretty it was! The silver handle looks sleek and very stylish, in my opinion. The brush was also surprisingly lighter than I thought it would be, which is great as it is easy and convenient to bring around. Despite it being light, it does not feel flimsy in any way.

Its 1200 rpm vibrating brush head really helps to foam up my facial wash and it feels really relaxing on the skin. This vibration enables the removal of dead skin cells on the surface of the skin as well as any oil or dirt that are clogged up in the pores.

One aspect that I really enjoy from using this brush the past month or so is the fact that is is extremely gentle. i have acne-prone sensitive skin and any cleansing brush that is too harsh would make my skin condition worse. This brush feels really gentle on my skin, with no tugging or pulling as the brush head is made of soft silicon (rather than the typical bristles).

Maintenance of this brush ain't difficult either. It is waterproof, so I usually just take this to the shower with me and wash it off after. As the brush head is made from specially treated anti-microbial silicon, there is no need to worry about bacteria and germs! Thus, the brush head is permanent and there is no need for any replacement.

Besides the purpose of cleansing, this brush can also be used for applying cream and serum after cleansing. It claims to aid in blood circulation which would result in better penetration and absorption of your skin care products. The vibration of the brush isn't too harsh and feels really nice on the skin, providing a comforting massage almost. It is possible to use it on the eye area as well as the brush is soft enough to do so. To simply clean the brush after application, I used my normal hand soap to wash off any residue left behind by my moisturiser!

This brush retails for SGD$54 on online retailers : Lazada, and BeautyFresh. It is also available at some retail shops such as Nice Cosmetics & Essentials. It is available in 3 colour variations - Green/white, Pink/White and White/Silver.

Overall, I really do enjoy this cleansing brush and I tend to reach for this more than my Olay one. I love how gentle it is!

Rating: 4/5

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