My Final Thoughts on New York Skin Solutions

By Sarah - Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas everyone!

Just wanted to update you on my journey with New York Skin Solutions so far. If you would like to read about my first impressions on this, click here.

I had the wonderful opportunity to try out 10 session of skin treatments with NYSS (outlet at Ngee Ann City) and I'm very grateful for that as I have been struggling with my acne breakouts and skin issues for a long time. Like many people, I always believed in trying to solve the problems by myself by purchasing various on-the-shelf skin care items. I've tried many, some worked and of course, some didn't.

Thus, when I was approached to try out NYSS, I was definitely excited as it was about time I got a professional to help me in combating the skin problems! I had the pleasure to be taken care of by Chris, who was my consultant thus far.

Every session is pretty standard as it is customised to tackle my skin problem which was clogged pores and dehydrated skin. First step would be the removal of makeup. I mentioned this in my previous post as well, but the makeup removal step is crucial as it prepares your skin for the various treatments. The way the consultant removes the makeup is key as well, as you don't want nobody to tug and pull on your skin. Chris does this perfectly as she is extremely gentle (especially when it comes to my mascara!).

Next, there would be a oxygen mask to aid in the softening of the skin layer to get ready for extraction. Instead of using hot steam like some other facial therapists, I like how NYSS settled for a cool misting of the face instead. This is the part where I always fall asleep as it is very soothing!

This is usually followed by a shoulder massage (which I am always excited for. These tight shoulders of mine are constantly screaming for help). Consultants would also provide a facial massage, however my skin is extremely sensitive and a facial massage would only aggravate the acne so we ten to skip this step! After the removal of the oxygen mask, it is time for extraction. Of course, nobody like extractions as it is arguably the most painful section of any facial. However, it feels good knowing that the dirt and gunk deep inside your pores are being removed. Get rid of them! Chris uses a traditional method of the metal tools to remove the black heads. No fancy machine is used here, which is great as those tend to be more rough on the skin.

Then comes my favourite part. The application of collagen onto the face, followed by the gentle massage with machine which utilises ultrasound waves to aid in absorption. This is meant to boost the skin's elasticity and to aid moisture. The metal plate of the machine is extremely welcomed as it soothes and calms the skin down after all the extraction that it went through. I love that the neck isn't neglected as well. Nobody is down for a saggy neck, if you ask me.

The second last step would be the application of the double face masks. Depending on each session, Chris would customise the masks for me. Sometimes I would get the honey mack for moisturisation and other times I would get the Vitamin C mask for skin vitality and to quicken skin healing. A hard mask is then applied over, to further boost the nutrients into the skin and to aid in skin firming as well.

Lastly, Chris would remove the mask, cleanse the skin from any residue and moisturise. Then I'm good to go!

I have to say that I have been enjoying these sessions so far. Firstly, the facilities are very clean and comfortable, with your own private rooms. You gotta feel at home in order to relax and enjoy the treatment, you feel me. Next, I do like the procedures as it isn't too long nor short, and perfect to squeeze in after a long day at work (mine usually takes about 1.5 hours).

In addition to the treatments, NYSS also provided me with a set of skin care products to supplement the treatments. These products included the Rosemary Cream Cleanser, Gentle Wash, Hydrating Toner (which comes in a scary, so it is perfectly handy), Acne Serum, Hydrating Moisturiser, an Eye Gel and an Eye Cream. I have been obedient and used em' all up and they were not bad at all. The hydrating moisturiser was my favourite, as it get absorbs into the skin super quickly without leaving behind any residue. It definitely helped to hydrate my skin as my dry patched were eliminated since using it. The Rosemary cream cleanser was also a fav, as it smells amazing and it leaves my skin super soft. I tend to use it after I remove my makeup for a gentle and final cleanse.

In terms of the treatments, the application of collagen after extraction definitely aids in reducing the swelling and redness of my skin. Being super sensitive, my skin usually turns bright red and swollen after extractions - not a good look, trust me. I've noticed that though the collagen application and massage, as well as the mask application after, my skin is not as agitated and swollen. I really appreciate this! I can go ahead and run errands after without looking like I got hit in the face with a tomato.

One aspect that I noticed after the second treatment or so, was how much firmer my skin felt. I never thought of my skin as saggy before, but I remembered looking at the mirror that day and realising how firm skin actually felt. Is this weird? I'm pretty impressed. Now, I am afraid of my skin going back to my normal saggy standards! Maintenance is key. 

I have also noticed that my skin is definitely smoother. Before I started my treatments with NYSS, I was going through a tough time as my skin was readjusting to Singapore's climate and was going haywire. My cheeks especially had tons of mini breakouts and was super bumpy. Now, as I am typing this and looking at my reflection, I really do see the improvement in terms of skin texture. My cheeks are perfectly smooth now and there is only one lil pimple on my right cheek (hormones, time of the month, life, you name it - can't avoid it).

With 4 more sessions to go, I'll update this post with the microscopic skin analysis pictures here along with any final thoughts. I gotta say though, this journey has definitely been a pleasant one thus far!

Hope you enjoyed reading and got some insights! I do recommend it if you're searching for a professional facial specialist. Of course, I have not tried others yet but I am honestly enjoying myself here so far.

Specially for my readers, you can claim a complimentary signature facial treatment just by clicking here!

For more information regarding the various specialized treatments, do check out NYSS’ website by clicking here.

Thank you for dropping by! Xo.

Disclaimer: My sessions with New York Skin Solutions were sponsored in exchange for a review. Opinions and thoughts expressed above are strictly my own. Keepin' it real. 

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