Review | MSH-LABO Cherie RIbbon Mascara

By Sarah - Sunday, January 31, 2016

I am always on the hunt for a good mascara - one that lengthens and holds my curl. My straight lashes are no joke, and it demands a mascara with some intense holding power.

Recently, I was introduced to MSH-LABO Cherie Ribbon mascaras - one for lengthening (Long Mascara) and one for added volume (Volume Mascara).

Honestly speaking, I have not heard of this brand before. Then again, I'm not one for the latest Korean and Japanese makeup brands. MSH-LABO is actually a Japanese cosmetic brand and MSH stands for "Make Someone Happy". Let's find out if they made me happy haha.

I am really liking the packaging of these mascaras. The lengthening one comes in a shiny blue tube whereas the volumising one comes in a shiny pink tube. It looks really posh and elegant, if you ask me.

Apparantly, these mascaras contain ingredients for added moisture - such as organic extracts (Rosa Canina, Rosemary Leaf and Lavender) and beauty essence (Hibiscus flower extract, Hydrolysis honey protein and Hydrolysed Silk).

Both mascaras have a slightly curved, natural hair bristled brush. However, the brush for the long mascara (aka lengthening one) has longer and more bristles, giving the applicator tip the ability to grab onto each lash and lengthen it out. The brush on the volumising mascara has shorter bristles and the bristles are arranged in clustered swirls along the length of the applicator (does that make any sense? Take a look at the pictures below to see what I mean).

In terms of applicator wise, I do prefer the Long Mascara as I usually gravitate towards typical natural bristle brush applicators. I like how the bristles can comb out and grab onto each lash, layering it with product. This definitely aids in providing added length to the lashes.

That being said, the Volume Mascara's applicator results in more volumised lashes as the brush helps to apply the product onto tiny clusters of lashes, giving a fuller look.

In terms of formulation, both mascaras do lean on the more wetter textures. I highly recommend wiping off some product on a tissue before applying it on the lashes. These mascaras take a while to dry on the lashes as well, so be careful not to blink too vigorously as it will transfer onto the undereyes, ruining your perfectly blended concealer (as it did mine). After it set, it had a
plastic-y feel to the lashes - I do not know how to describe it but my lashes felt slightly rubbery and had a silicon texture.

Sadly to say, these failed to hold my curl as well. I can't seem to find if these are waterproof or not, but from the looks of it, it shouldn't be as removal was pretty easy. Despite so, I did not see any smudging from these so that is definitely a plus point.

Overall, I prefer the Volume Mascara over the lengthening one. I felt that the volume mascara was able to provide me with both added volume and length - thus making my job in the morning so much easier.  Despite so, these mascaras are not bad for the price and will be a good addition to your makeup routine.

These mascaras retail for SGD$25.90 at all SASA and BHG ALT concept stores. You can check out their Facebook page here.

Thanks for dropping by! Till next time, xo.

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