Review | Sana Namerakahonpo Haritsuya Cleasing Wash

By Sarah - Thursday, January 28, 2016

Man, isn't the name a mouthful.

I can't explain the name for you, but I can definitely tell you more about the product and its ingredients (which contribute to the name, I believe!).

Ultimately, this cleaning wash part of the Soy Milk Isoflavone Skincare range provided by SANA. This cleansing wash contains double condensed soy beans and encapsulated Coenzyme Q10 to provide hydration, resilience and radiance to the skin.

Let's talk Isoflavone. This ingredient (contained in the soybean) functions similarly to oestrogen (female hormone needed to provide collagen). Thus, this ingredient is meant to aid in collagen production.

Before testing this out this cleaner and learning more about soy milk fermented extract, I always mainly look out for hyaluronic acrid and collagen in products if I wanted a product to add moisture to my skin. This is especially important for me, as I do have dehydrated skin!

Apparently, soy milk fermented extract is effective in providing moisture to the skin as well. What is this? It is an extract formed from fermented lactate of soy milk. It claims to increase moisture levels by 120%.

Another notable ingredient in this product would be the human type Nano ceramide. This aids in the formation of a barrier to protect your skin from irritation and to reduce dryness. This has the ability to penetrate deeply into the horny layer of the skin to moisturise from within!

Firstly, the packaging is in a simple squeeze tube like many other cleansers out there in the market. I do fancy this, as it gives good control in dispensing the product (which is especially useful for this product in particular).

A little goes a looooong way. The texture of this cleaning wash reminds me of a really thick cream - viscous and creamy. A little dot is enough to cover my face and neck as it foams up well (not super foamy where there are tons of bubbles). The texture still remains creamy even after foaming up as I could feel it under my fingertips while I work the product in. P.s don't get these into your eyes as I did so accidentally and it stung pretty bad!

After adding a little water and mixing it up

Creamy yet foamy - y'know what I mean?
The scent of the cleanser really does remind me of soy beans too! I'm not sure why, but I am thoroughly enjoying the smell. It doesn't overpower or smell chemical in anyway.

My skin did feel nice and clean after washing it off. It does have that squeaky clean feel to it, yet at the same time, it does not feel overly dry.

I have been using this at night as I feel that it does a good job at cleansing and removing the impurities from my skin after a long day out! In terms of its moisturising properties over the long haul, I can't really assert my opinion as I have only been using this for a good week or so. However, I can say that my skin does feel slightly more hydrated at night! My skin also does feel slightly less saggy. There is definitely potential here.

This retails for SGD$17.90 (150g) at all SASA, BHG, John Little and Tokyo Hands Stores. Considering the amount I use per wash, this tube is sufficient to last you a good while.

Thus, this definitely would be a good addition into any basic skincare routine. I do enjoy it and would recommend it to ya if you're on the search for something hydrating and efficient at cleansing at the same time!

Thanks for dropping by as always! Xo.

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