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By Sarah - Thursday, March 31, 2016

Sometimes, it is not sufficient to just care for the external aspects of our body. Sure, the skin is the largest organ and first impressions are crucial in today's society. Thus, the beauty industry is thriving, with products catered to skin care (both for the body and the face) and make up.

However, I realised that personally, I neglect the internal aspects of my body. I mean, thinking about it, what happens internally always affects the external, am I right? Took me long enough to figure that out.

Thus, when I was approached to try out Activa Natural Supplements, I was definitely intrigued. Activa supplements are made in a reputed French Laboratory and the supplements are natural plant and mineral based. With its unique patented technology - phytogranule - it results in better absorption by the body with intelligent release of active ingredients. The capsules have Aquacaps, which is the patented technology of clear capsules from marine origin (suitable for fish allergies) and you can see the granules of active ingredients held within. For some reason, I do like how that looks. Of course, that does not contribute to it being effective or not. These capsules can also be opened for sublingual intake of the granules, if you would prefer. I just prefer to swallow them whole.

I could choose 2 packs to try, from a pretty large range. I was spoilt for choice, and confused, as I have rarely dabbled in supplements before. There are 4 main ranges, namely the Activa Well Being (for complete and comprehensive action and prevention) , Activa Chrono (for ultra-fast action), Activa Human Structure (for a balanced and self-regulating metabolism) and Activa Nutri (for fast relief of various symptoms and issues).

Thinking about my issues, I decided to test out the Well Being Digestion and Well Being Hair. I do get bouts of indigestion sometimes, as I tend to wolf down my food in a matter of minutes. Your gurl gets real hungry sometimes  all the time. It doesn't help that I am not the most healthy person out there, being a frequent patron of fried chicken and burger joints. Thus, I hoped that this would help improve my digestion and reduce my bloatedness. For hair, I sadly do face quite a bit of hair fall. I'm can't say what is the main reason but I'm sure dying it 7 times so far does not help it one bit. This supplement is said to support hair quality and vitality so fingers crossed.

The supplements come in a typical cardboard box with its blister strips containing the dispensable capsules. Depending on the product, the number of capsules differ.

Well Being Hair

Details on the website:
Activa Well Being Hair is here to help you fight hair loss, stimulate growth of existing and new hair and improve hair quality & vitality naturally. 

The nourishing and stimulating properties of this complex fight the factors responsible for hair loss (sebum excess, poor micro-circulation and oxidation).

Active ingredients include :

1. Saw palmetto & nettle extracts: Their combination helps slow down hair loss and promote new hair growth.

2. Watercress: It promotes keratin's production and favors growth.

3. Blueberry: It contains flavonoid polyphenols (vascular, venous & capillary systems protection properties) to promote hair regrowth.

It contains 45 capsules, which lasts for about a month as you are required to take 2 capsules a day for 10-20 days and then 1 capsule a day for 3 months to maintain. Thus, one box isn't enough for full results. 

I just finished my box of 45, with taking 2 capsules a day for 20 days and 1 per day for the remaining 5 days. The capsule comes with a transparent semi-permeable membrane and you can see the granules within the capsule. As a kid who always fell sick, pills are no stranger to me and I was able to gulp down both capsules at once. It does not leave a nasty taste behind either, due to the membrane. 

I do feel that my hair loss did reduce overall. It is hard to confirm it for sure, but judging at how much hair is clogging the shower drain, I can roughly tell. My hair is looking pretty good (but then again, I'm not one to suffer from frizz nor unruly hair. My hair is obedient and smooth on most days). 

Am I satisfied? I might get another box for myself and test it out to the full cycle. But considering the effects of one box, I am pretty happy with the results.

Details on the site:

Time to relieve stomachache, indigestion, abdominal bloating & heaviness. Activa Well Being Digestion is a complex of 3 plants with time-honored beneficial effects on the digestive system.

Feeling good… naturally… for a comfortable and easy digestion.

Active ingredients include: 

Lemon balm: With relaxing, sedative & antispasmodic properties, it supports sluggish digestion responsible for bloating and gas. It soothes the stomach and abdominal cramps. It helps bile secretion.

Dandelion: With natural diuretic & purgative properties, it supports body cleansing and purification by clearing toxins built-up. Known to help dynamize and support lazy liver and gall bladder functions.

Sage: It stimulates digestion by reducing acidity level in the stomach and providing stomach cramps relief.

For this, 1 capsule per day is recommended. I usually take one after lunch. I do get less bloated after starting on this - could be the effects of the lemon balm! I am definitely feeling pretty good about this one. 

Each box retails for $38.50 (usually a month's supply) and can be found on this website.
For more information on each of the packs that are featured here, click on their headings above!
To get 10% off your first order, simply use the code BEAUTYBYRAH ;).

Since I am trying to get into the habit of eating supplements, these fit in perfectly. I am tempted to try their other options (especially their detox one)! For the price, I think it is pretty worth it.

Thanks for dropping by! Xo.

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