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By Sarah - Thursday, April 14, 2016

D'Ran renewing Overnight Sleeping Pack review
Sleeping packs are a good-to-have in my books as they are able to provide intense hydration whilst we sleep. This takes beauty sleep to a new level. Win-win.

Of course, a common well-know sleeping pack is the Laneige Sleeping Pack, one that I've been using quite often the past few years. I especially love it for flights as the air is too dry and dehydrates my skin. 

Recently, I started trying out products from the Korean brand, D'ran. The name D'Ran is a combination of dermatology and the korean word "rang" which means together. Their products do not utilise animal-testing and are focused on using natural ingredients. They have their own manufacturing and R&D facilities as well. They are quite popular in Korea and tend to have their own pop up stalls in the department stores.

D'Ran renewing Overnight Sleeping Pack review

Looking at their overnight sleeping pack, the one thing I noticed that it was a cream-based product. I was hesitant, as I really do dislike products that feel heavy on the skin, especially during sleep. I do not sleep with air conditioning, so tackiness on the skin makes it really uncomfortable (especially since I sleep my face every night). 

Packaging is kept simplistic. A clear plastic jar with a reflective silver screw on cap. There is something I like about being able to see how much product I have left. I would recommend storing this somewhere dark and cool, as sunlight and heat can alter the product and make it last for a shorter period of time. This does not help that the jar is transparent as well.

D'Ran renewing Overnight Sleeping Pack review

With the main ingredient being silkworm cocoon extract, this cream is said to improve collagen production, result in anti-aging benefits. Niacinamide is also present in the ingredient list, aiding in whitening and restoring skin radiance. These ingredients are pretty high up the ingredients list, so I am pleased with that as this means a higher concentration of the product and probably, higher chance of effectiveness.

D'Ran renewing Overnight Sleeping Pack review

The product is a thick and dense cream, and is very viscous. A little goes a long way. I usually use about the size of 2 peas and it is enough to cover my entire face. Despite it being such a thick cream, it absorbs surprisingly fast into the skin. I expected it to feel much heavier on the skin. Albeit its fast absorption, it does leave a slight tackiness to the skin.

D'Ran renewing Overnight Sleeping Pack review
D'Ran renewing Overnight Sleeping Pack review
After using it overnight, I did realise that my skin feels more plump and hydrated in the morning. It does add a good amount of moisture and would be great for those who are constantly sleeping with air conditioning or during winter (if you are elsewhere besides Singapore). 

This retails for SGD $45.90 on Koreanup for a 100g jar. 

Thanks for dropping by! Till next time. 

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