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By Sarah - Sunday, April 17, 2016

Despite being young (enough), one can not resist the temptation to turn back the time to that of less wrinkly lines and creases. I've never used an ampoule before, so this experience was definitely a first.

An ampoule is basically a concentrated form of skin care product, applied to obtain immediate (or close to it) results. Of course, the results differ depending on the type of ingredients in the ampoule and ultimately, what the ampoule is created for.

I got to try out the WellmaxxR Hyaluron + Calcium Ampoule, which is meant to reduce the appearance of fine lines that are caused by insufficient hydration. These ampoules, made in Germany by the way, contain an intensive-care compound of high- and low-molar hyaluronic acid and calcium.

Quick note about the brand:
Wellmaxx is the expert for active ingredients among the cosmetics brands. Its formulas combine the very latest technologies with proven active plant extracts to create comfortable formulas with special effectiveness, a high level of gentleness to the skin and visible results

Yes, the nails. They need to be done. Oops.

Hyaluronic acid, as we know, is a common anti-aging ingredient as it contains the fantastic ability to retain moisture and of course, one of the hallmarks of youthful skin is its high moisture content (despite being in my my twenties, I do have dehydrated skin - so this is definitely an ingredient I constantly look out for). Hyaluronic acid also has the ability to strengthen the skin's barrier, making softer, smoother and plumper (yes, yes and yes please). Calcium, on the other hand, is a mineral found in the human body (fun fact: it is the most abundant mineral). A calcium deficiency could result in the skin suffering from dryness, itching and premature wrinkling.

I got to admit, being my first time, the opening of the phial was probably the most challenging. After, I poured out the concentrate onto my palms and patted it onto my face. The concentrate was watery and is really easy to apply on the skin. Absorption was pretty quick too, leaving a slight tackiness behind. That did not bother me much, as I applied my regular moisturiser atop it and all was good.

If I look really closely, I do notice that my fine lines underneath my eyes are less obvious and the crease on the outer edge of right my eye, above the cheekbone (thanks to plonking my face down on the pillow every night) was reduced as well.

I can see this being a very useful tool for people who have a special event to attend and wanna look hella glamorous then. It does result in the skin to be smoother and plumper, in my opinion. Then again, my lines aren't as pronounced, so the results could be better or worse, depending on the individual.

This set of 7 phials retails for SGD$60 on Derma Power. Other types of ampoules are available as well, depending on your skin care requirements. This is pretty affordable, considering the prices of other brands out there. My mother recently signed on to a facial package with a beauty provider and she had to buy ampoules for use during the sessions (which to me, doesn't make any sense but hey, whatever rocks her boat). When she told me the price, my heart did a lil somersault.

I am definitely keep these for special occasions as I do not see the need for me to use them daily. Of course, if you want to, there is a suggested treatment schedule which you can follow provided on the product site.
Picture taken from product page

Overall, I do see this as a good-to-have for special occasions and a good boost to our skin care routine once in a while.

Till then, xo!

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