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By Sarah - Tuesday, April 19, 2016

My love for drugstores can not be explained. Whenever I visit a certain country, I will always include visiting the various drugstores in my itinerary. From Superdrug and Boots in London to Kruidvat and Etos in Amsterdam, trust me when I tell you that exploring drugstores is one of my favourite pastimes. That being said, I have other pastimes too, more normalised ones. Don't you worry.

Recently, I had the privilege to attend Watson's Day Out, where they reveal exciting upcoming launches into their store. Watson's is pretty much one of the two drugstore companies available in Singapore. About 2-3 years back, I used to complain about how the variety in our drugstores (or if you would like, pharmacies) was small and not very exciting. However, I slowly started to see how companies were stepping up their game and bringing in various products from all over the world into our shores. Yes. This includes makeup products as well. Yes Yes Yes.

Interesting story, I remembered when I went for exchange in The Netherlands about 2 years back and one of my exploration trips, of course, included London. I had a mission, and I knew this even before flying off from Singapore. I had to get myself into the drugstores in UK and get myself the Collection 2000 (now known just as collection) concealer. This concealer was hyped up and I wanted it badly to my core. Thus, when I first stepped into Superdrug in Oxford Street, London, I went a little out of control. Besides the point, I bought *ahem* 5 tubes of concealer for immediate use and to stock up of course. Who knows when I'll be back? Fast forward to when I arrived back to Singapore and I entered  Watsons to get some basic necessities, guess what I saw? They just brought in a good range of Collection makeup. Part of me was like dammit, and yet another part of me was rejoicing for having this brand easily available in my country.

Of course, the makeup scene in Singapore can be further expanded but I got to say I am pretty satisfied with what we have available now.

Back to the topic, so I got to see some of the upcoming launches and here are some of my favourites of that evening.

Firstly, ain't gonna lie, my favourite has got to be the canapé table. Y'know I am all about that. Of course, I shimmied my way there a couple times, when others were deeply engrossed in non-food related issues (which was the main purpose of the event I know, but I got hungry oops).

Let's begin with my topic of choice, makeup. Revlon has been a staple to Singapore's drugstores for a while and I'm glad that the makeup ranges available are keeping up with that in the USA.

Revlon has some new exciting launched featuring their new Ultra HD Matte Lipcolour, mascaras, the Revlon Colourstay 2-in-1 Compact Makeup & Concealer ($30.90) and the new packaging Revlon Colourstay Foundation for combination/oily skin. The Revlon Colorstay foundation is definitely one of my favourite foundations, but it is inconvenient to dispense the product due to it not having a pump. With the new packaging, I can hear makeup fans rejoicing. This retails for $33.90.

As matte lips are all the rage, I was pretty excited to see that Revlon came out with their own version.  The texture is definitely that of a cream and glides on pretty easily on the skin when I watched it. However, I have to say I'm not a fan as it took an intensely long period to dry and set. I couldn't wait long enough to see if it actually dried matte. 

Some swatches of the matte lip creams .
You can see the satin finish of it and this was taken a few minutes after swatching! 
I also got introduced to a new French pharmacy brand, Byphasse. I've always seen it in French pharmacies when I'm on my regular hunt for my Bioderma and La Roche Posay, but have never tried it before.

They have a 500ml micellar water makeup remover which definitely caught my attention. I always use Bioderma as I get them real cheap from France (and yes, I lug 4 bottles of 500ml back to Singapore) but the price in Singapore is a tad hefty. This definitely can be an alternative. This 500ml retails for SGD$17.90 (whereas Bioderma retails for over $40).

If you're into organic body care but find the products a little out of reach due it usually being pretty expensive, look no further! I was surprised when I was introduced to the botanical line by Watsons - Naturals by Watsons.

These in-house products are made from 100% organic ingredients and the best part, nothing in the range costs more than $12.90. 4 ranges are available - Beeswax, Marula Oil, Argan Oil and Olive. I'm definitely itching to get myself the Argan Oil Body Butter and the Marula Oil Body Scrub.

I do have dehydrated skin and whenever I hear about a gel moisturiser that has the ability to add intensive hydration without being heavy on the skin, I'm in. Labo-Labo (a medical cosmetic line established by the creators of Dr. Ci:Labo) has their 5Hx5C range, targeted to hydrate while providing anti-aging benefits as it contains 5 types of hyaluronic acid and 5 types of collagen. Their super-moist gel retails for $34.90 and their facial wash goes for $24.90.

As someone having a memory of a gold fish, my ears immediately pricked up when I heard the presented for DHC talking about their virgin coconut oil supplement capsules. Besides its well-known antioxidant properties, apparently coconut oil has the ability to improve memory too. A pack of 150 capsules (good for 1 month consumption) retails for SGD29.90. I am definitely putting this into my basket during my next trip in Watsons (of course, if this memory of mine permits).

Lastly, another notable mention would be the Kinohimitsu Super Food powder. This is a nutritional beverage that is made with 22 types of multigrain and whole plant-based ingredients from all 7 recommend coloured food groups. As it is fortified with health boosting ingredients and is nutrient dense, I usually made a cup of this after exercising to replenish and provide energy. On lazy days where I do not move my butt at all, I add a little of this to my daily morning coffee. It tastes surprisingly good.

This retails for $39.90 (special introductory price of $29.90!).

Do share with me if you have tried or picked these items up! I am always on the hunt to try out new brands so I am open to suggestions. Till then!

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